Mikhail Sweet Wins Canada’s First Medal of the 2018-19 International Fencing Season

By Caroline Sharp September 11, 2018

Mikhail (Misha) Sweet of Winnipeg, Manitoba took part in the Men’s Foil FIE Satellite event in Amsterdam this past weekend and finished on the podium with a bronze medal.
Sweet had four wins and two losses in poules, and then defeated Florens Pfann of Germany 15-9 in the 64’s. Sweet then faced Hugo Di Francesco from Great Britain in the 32’s and won 15-7. In the 16’s Sweet defeated Dirk Jan Van Egmond 15-10 to advance to the quarter finals, where he fenced Matthijs Rohlfs of the Netherlands, winning 15-11.
Sweet’s first loss of the tournament came in the semi-finals when he fenced Denmark’s Emil Ulrik Anderson and lost 15-10 to finish the tournament, the first of the FIE season, with a bronze medal.