Weapon: Sabre
Hand: Left
Residence: Montreal/Laval
Club: Dynamiques de Brébeuf

Graduate of McGill University in International Business and Accounting. Nicknamed Polo. Enjoys watching UFC, playing soccer, biking, stand-up comedy. Favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber and favorite TV show is Suits. Role models are his grandparents. Likes to lie down and visualize beating his opponent the night before a bout. Describes his fencing style as “smart”. Wants to have a career in something related to media and telecommunications. Claims he’s a good Greek dancer. Career highlights include:

2015 – 2nd/2ième Pan Am Games (Indiviual + Team/Equipe)
2015 – 8th/8ième Moscow Grand Prix
2015 – 2nd/2ième Pan Am Championships (Team)
2015 – 5th/5ième Pan Am Championships
2015 – 2nd/2ième Helsinski Satellite
2014 – 2nd/2ième Pan Am Championships (Team)
2013 – 8th at World Cup in Athens
2012 – 1st at Pan Am Championships, Cancun, Mexico
2011 – Top 8 at Senor Grand Prix in Poland
2011 – 3rd at Pan Am Games
2011 – 13th Team event at World Championships
2010 – 2nd Team event at Junior World Championships
2010 – 15th Team event at World Championships
2009 – 14th Team event at World Championships