Weapon: Wheelchair - Epee/Sabre/Foil
Hand: Right-handed
Residence: Beauharnois, Québec
Club: ROU

Working as a Natural Language Processing Researcher for Nuance Communications since 1999.  Holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics (Sherbrooke, 1995) with Post-Doc at Collège de France (Paris, 1997).  Competition ritual: video review with coach and teammates. Enjoys camping and travels with family.


Recent Career Highlights: 

2019 World Championship (Cheongju): 19th Épée, 9th Sabre (Team) and 10th Épée (Team)

2019 Canadian Championship (Québec): 1st Sabre, 2nd Foil, 1st Épée

2018 Americas Championship (Saskatoon): 1st Sabre, 3rd Foil, 3rd Épée

2018 Canadian Championship (Québec): 1st Sabre, 1st Épée

2017 World Championship (Rome): 21st Sabre, 8th Sabre (Team)

2016 Paralympics Games (Rio de Janeiro): 10th Épée