Selection Criteria

National Team Selection

Criteria Objective:

The objective of this criteria by the Canadian Fencing Federation is to ensure a fair and balanced selection of athletes so they may consistently reach medal performances at major international veteran events. These events include are limited to Veteran Commonwealth Fencing Championships, Veteran Pan American Championships, and Veteran World Championships.


The means of meeting this objective is by the following:

  1. Engaging the Canadian Sport for Life LTAD and Canadian Fencing Federation guidelines for masters and veteran athletes.
  2. Creation of a veteran selection ranking.
  3. Participation criteria are based on domestically ranked competitions and performances at Canada Cup and National Championships.

Veteran Performance Plan

Eligibility for selection:

  1. Hold a validated license with the Canadian Fencing Federation during the period of selection;
  2. Hold a current FIE license affiliated with Canada;
  3. Hold Canadian citizenship
  4. Have satisfied all published criteria for the event in question
  5. Agree to the Canadian Fencing Federation Code of Conduct

Veteran Selection Rankings

National Veteran teams selection will be based on end-of-year CFF domestic ranking plus the results from the following tournaments; 

  1. National Championships 
  2. Canada Cup 1
  3. Canada Cup 2
  4. Can/Am Veterans Cup
  5. North America Cup (one result age group result and one combined result)
  6. World Veterans Championships

Points Grid

The following Point Grid will be used to award selection points based on the results from the tournaments listed above and  CFF domestic ranking

  1. Table 1 – National Championships (combined events), Canada Cup 1 (combined events), Canada Cup 2 (combined events) and CFF Domestic Ranking (Combined events)
  2. Table 2 – Can/Am Veterans Cup (Combined events )
  3. Table 3 – Can/Am Veterans Cup (Age Groups)
  4. Table 4 – North America Cup 
  5. Table 5 – World Championships (Age Groups)
RankTable 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5
9 to 121520202080
13 to 16815151560
17 to 32480840
33 to 64040420

Criteria of Selection

The selection for an event will be made by following the priorities listed:

  1. The places will be allocated on the basis of CFF Veteran Selection points


In the event ex æquo points tie

If two (2) or more athletes have the same point total, the tie will be broken as follows:

  1. Priority to the best result in the equivalent age division at the Can/AM Veterans Cup;
  2. Next priority assigned to on the best national circuit result (Canada Cup/National Championships) in the equivalent age division;
  3. Highest rank in the equivalent age division in the July 30th CFF Domestic Rankings.
Selection Points Earned for the current season

Hall Fame Nomination


  • Induction in the Hall of Fame is open to athletes, coaches and builders (officials, administrators, and volunteers) who have shown outstanding excellence in Veterans Fencing
  • Nominees must have made a significant contribution to the growth and development of Veterans fencing, including their dedication to the highest ideals of competition.
  • Athlete nominees must have achieved significant success in Veterans national and international competitions. Athletes may be nominated as individuals or as members of teams.
  • Coach nominees must have achieved significant success in Veterans international or national competition over a sustained period.
  • Officials must have shown significant dedication to Veterans Fencing over a sustained period.
  • Builder nominees may be active or inactive at the time of their nomination. Persons nominated as builders must have demonstrated that they have made a significant contribution to the development and promotion of Veterans Fencing over a sustained period.
  • Nominees must have held Canadian citizenship or Canadian residency over the course of their careers.
  • Deceased athletes, coaches, officials and builders are eligible for consideration for the “In Memoriam” category.


  • Nominations will be annually.
  • A Club, Branch or individual may submit nominations in each of the athlete/ team, coach, official and builder categories, provided they have valid membership and are good standing with the CFF.
  • Nominees will be considered for induction in the year nominated.
  • In the event that a nominee is not selected for induction within the three‐year period, the nomination will become inactive and would have to be resubmitted after a period of four years.
  • A supporting documentation must accompany each nomination. Maximum two pages.


  • A Selection Committee, will be appointed by the Veterans Committee of the Canadian Fencing Federation. The Committee will evaluate proposed inductees on the basis of the significance and scope of their achievements, their dedication to Veterans fencing, the consistency of their performance, and personal qualities that reflect the values of the Canadian Fencing Federation on and off the strip.
  • A maximum of three Athlete nominees, three “In Memoriam” nominees, one Coach nominee and one Builder nominee will be selected annually for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • All nominations shall be carefully considered by the Selection Committee and will be submitted to the Veterans Committee, for their final decision.
  • The selection Committee and the Veterans Committee are not eligible to nominate.
  • The deadline for nominations in any calendar year shall be February 15th.


Removal from Hall of Fame

The decision to remove a fencer from Veterans Fencing Hall of Fame shall be on the recommendation of the Canadian Fencing Federation. This recommendation shall be based on evidence and guided by the principle of fairness and shall only be made after the Federation has ascertained the relevant facts relating to the case under consideration.

The Veterans Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall consider the removal of a person;

(a) The person has been convicted of a criminal offence.

(b) The conduct of the person constitutes a significant departure from generally-accepted standards of public behaviour and from the values of Canadian Fencing Federation and may be considered to undermine the credibility, integrity or relevance of the Veterans Hall of Fame.

(c) The person has been officially sanctioned.

The removal of a person from the Veterans Hall of Fame is at the sole discretion of the Veterans Committee and the Disciplinary Committee of the Canadian Fencing Federation.

All representations will be in writing.