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Camp Préparatoire aux Championnats du Monde cadet et junior sabre


Informations générales

25 et 26 mars 2017

Centre National, Institut National du Sport du Québec, Stade Olympique,

4141, Av Pierre de Coubertin

Montréal (Qc) H1V 3F7


Heures / Jours - Hours/Days 25 mars - March 25th 26 mars - March 26th

8h30 à 12h

8 :30am to 12 :00pm







Camp d’entraînement

Training camp





Camp d’entraînement

Training camp




13h30 à 17h

1 :30pm to 5 :00pm







Admissibilité (sur le site de la FEQ) / 

Il est obligatoire et gratuit pour tous les athlètes cadets et juniors sélectionnés dans l’Équipe Nationale. HP Sinon, le prix sera de 100$



Hôtel Universel Montréal

5000 Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal, QC H1V 1A1
(514) 253-3365


Blues Sabre Challenge

Events Scheduled:
Youth Mixed Saber
Cadet (U17) Mixed Sabre
Junior (U20) Mixed Sabre
Senior Mixed Sabre
Veteran Mixed Sabre

Preregistration opens on 02/06/2017.
Preregistration closes on 03/17/2017.

ENTRY FEES if pre-register online by March 17, 2017:


Pre-registration for individual events closes on Friday, March 17, 2017 at midnight and is only accepted on AskFred.

For late pre-registrations, add $20 to each entry fee.
For onsite registrations, add $30 to each entry fee.

All fees are to be paid at the door, CASH OR CHEQUE ONLY. NO CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Cheques should be payable to "UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO".

All participants must be currently licensed CFF/OFA members.

Junior - Saturday, March 25, 9 am
Veteran - Saturday, March 25, 9am
Cadet - Sunday, March 26, 9 am
Youth - Sunday, March 26, 11:45 am
Senior - Sunday, March 26, 12:15 pm

Note that check-in times may be modified after the pre-registration period if needed to avoid long delays due to significantly different numbers than projected.

Results for Veteran, Senior, Junior, Cadet, and Youth competitions will be included into CFF rankings.

Competitors must be 13+ to register for the Open category, in accordance with CFF competition age categories. However, due to scheduling conflict, those who qualify for both may only register in one category, either Youth or Open, not both. All other categories may register in multiple events, as they will be de-conflicted for your participation (i.e. Cadets can register for Senior; Youth can also register in Cadets).

This competition is being run in accordance with CFF rules and regulations, except where otherwise modified and posted at the discretion of the Directoire Technique.

1. For the Senior and Veteran categories, the women’s event will be held separately if there are more than 5 fencers; otherwise, the events will be mixed with a separate DE table for women.
2. For Junior and Cadet events, there will be two rounds of pools males and females will be initially mixed, unless there are more than 8 fencers in each event.
3. For Youth event, all fencers will be mixed for the pools and subsequently split into the following events following pool results:
- U15 men’s sabre direct elimination
- U15 women’s sabre direct elimination
- U13 men’s sabre direct elimination
- U13 women’s sabre direct elimination
- U11 men’s sabre direct elimination
- U11 women’s sabre direct elimination
*Note that U11 DE event will be run as best of three bouts to 5 hits.
4. There are no cuts for any events.



2017 North Western Open


catégories d'âge U15, U17 U20, Senior
Weapons fleuret/epee/sabre
site d'inscription