2012-2013 HP Carding

By admin December 7, 2012

The Canadian Fencing Federation is pleased to announce the official list of athletes who have been approved by Sport Canada for the next carding cycle 2012-2013.

For further details regarding how the athletes were nominated please visit the CFF website under the HPP Selection Procedure (HPP handbook 2011-2012)

Congratulations to all athletes who met the 2012-13 carding criteria!

Men Epee-Epee Masculine
Boisvert-Simard, Hugues		SR2 
Bajgoric, Tigran 		SR
Gantsevich, Igor 		SR x Hold, pending appeal
Pelletier, Vincent 		SR x Hold, pending appeal
LeBlanc, Marc-André 		C1

Men Foil-Fleuret Masculin       
Lalonde-Turbide, Étienne        SR

Men Saber-Sabre Masculin
Beaudry, Philippe               SR2
Polossifakis, Joseph            SR
Couturier, Vincent              SRI x 4 months (December to March) Hold, pending medical documentation

Women Foil-Fleuret Feminin
Comerford, Shannon              SR2
Goldie, Alanna Jean             SR2
Ryan, Kelleigh E.M.             SR2

Women Epee-Epee Feminine
Schalm, Sherraine               SR

Women Saber-Sabre Feminin
Sassine, Sandra                 SR

Wheelchair – Fauteuil roulant
Mainville, Pierre               SR1
Morel, Ruth Sylvie              SR