Fencing is a modern and exciting sport, often described as trying to play chess while running the 100-metre dash! It’s hard to believe that this thoroughly sophisticated sport has emerged from the serious and deadly combat practiced by the Three Mousquetaires.

Fencing is truly an Olympic sport, having been involved since the first modern Olympics took place in Athens in 1896. In addition, Fencing holds the distinguished honour of being one of only four sports which have participated in every modern Olympic Games since their inauguration.

Canadian fencing dates back to 1816 when Maitre Girard opened the first fencing school in Montréal. The first Canadian Championships were held in 1902.

It was not until the announcement of the 1976 Olympics and incorporation of the Canadian Fencing Federation in 1971, that the Federal Government provided financial assistance to develop elite athletes for the Montréal Olympiad, providing the stimulus for Canadian fencers to steadily improve their performance on the international scene.

The CFF is a non-profit, amateur sports association and is the national governing body of fencing. It includes ten provincial fencing associations, which in turn represent eighty local clubs from coast to coast. Its mandate is to establish, develop and support fencing in Canada and to represent Canada on the international scene.