About Fencing

The Sport

Fencing is an elegant, intelligent, and modern sport which reflects the success qualities that are important to contemporary people. The sport challenges both body and mind through an effective blend of patience and determination, discipline and competitiveness.




The foil is the modern version of the original practice weapon for dueling sword. The valid target for foil is the body torso. Valid hits can only be scored with the point of the blade. Competitive fencing requires that fencers wear a metallic vest, which will permit the hits to be registered by an electric scoring apparatus.


The epee is the modern version of the historical dueling sword. The Epee is heavier than the foil and has a rigid bi-angular blade. The valid target is the whole body, and hits are made with the point only and are registered by an electrical scoring apparatus. Epee hits are registered on the basis of which fencer makes the first hit. In this discipline double hits are valid when both touches are made within a very narrow time frame.


The sabre is the modern version of the cavalry sword. Hits can be scored with the point or the cutting edges on the target area, which is anywhere above the waist including head and arms, and are registered electrically. A hit on the off target area does not stop the continuance of the fencing phase.