If you are the victim of abuse, harassment or discrimination, or you’ve witnessed such an incident within our sport, you are encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Helpline by phone or text at 1-888-83SPORT (77678), or by email to, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

When the incidents recounted appear admissible, operators can assist you in filing a report through a confidential online platform, if desired.  

It is important to note that the OSIC reporting mechanism only applies in situations where the Respondent to a complaint has been designated as a UCCMS Participant. If the Respondent is an individual who has not been identified as a UCCMS Participant, they are outside the jurisdiction of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) process. In these situations, any complaint against a Respondent that is not a UCCMS participant, the reporting would be re-directed to the independent third party (ITP) W&W Dispute Resolution. The ITP is empowered to supersede CFF staff and Directors and launch appropriate policies as required based on evidence or a situation reported.  Your contact with the ITP is confidential, subject to certain legal limits.

For general disputes, you are encouraged to try to resolve your situation at the club or provincial level before contacting the Canadian Fencing Federation.

The existence of this Independent Third Party does not prevent individuals from contacting the CFF directly with complaints if they are comfortable with the process.

CFF Safe Sport Complaint Process

OSIC Complaint Management Process