COVID19 Combined Remote Training and Facility Use Waiver

COVID19 Attestation

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FAQs – COVID19 RTP Protocol

This section provides some of the commonly asked questions

  1. When does Phase 1 start?

Phase 1 starts when the first class of athletes start training in the club. This will likely vary between clubs based on location, resource gathering, and feasibility.

  1. How do we move from phase to phase?

Clubs can decide, after meeting the minimum time frame per phase, to move to the next phase. The duration of each phase is to provide members time to adjust to the new training setup, in addition to allowing observation time to prevent any community spread.

  1. Is everyone supposed to sign in?

Yes. Every person who enters and exits the facility must sign in/out. This allows clubs to keep track of individuals inside the facilities, and to expedite communication to members and provincial healthcare authorities In the case that a positive case arises within the club.

There should be a designated individual recording all relevant information outlined in Section 3 of the Protocol, to both maintain record consistency, as well as avoiding passing writing utensils back and forth between individuals.

  1. Is there a limit to the total number in the club?

This is depended on the limit to gatherings in facilities set by you provincial government. Please keep in mind that government regulation is highest level of authority that we should follow at any given time.

  1. What is the purpose of the “designated group” and is it important?

The designated group is very important! The purpose of the designated group is to control infection outbreaks, as well to protect your club from closing down. Suppose the possibility of an outbreak in one of the groups, then effectively, only this group and their associated coach has to self-isolate, instead of the whole club! This allows for three benefits:
a) Control the community outbreak
b) Self-isolate only the affected group, and not the whole club
c) Allows for easy tracing of infection outbreak

  1. Can a coach give a private lesson that doesn’t involve combat training (during phase 1)?

Yes, as long as the coach remains 5 metres away from their athlete, it’s acceptable to give private lessons without combat during phase 1.

  1. Can my club have communal equipment to offer athletes in beginner classes?

No, equipment should not be shared! However, clubs can assign equipment to individual athletes to avoid sharing. For the duration that the athlete uses the equipment, there is no sharing with another athlete, and the athlete must wash and clean the equipment between classes, every day.