2018 Cadet and Junior Commonwealth Championships

By Caroline Sharp July 23, 2018

Following is the list of athletes who are taking part in the 2018 Cadet and Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Newcastle, England from July 23 to 30, 2018.  For live results from the event, please visit: http://www.cjcfc2018.com/Watch-Live/



 Men’s Epee  Women’s Epee
QC       Mathieu Cyr ON       Kira Belaoussoff
ON       Xian Riley ON       Leanna Lui
ON       Xian Ryan BC       Elizabeth Douglas
BC       Riley Norman
 Men’s Foil  Women’s Foil
ON       Niklas Holland ON       Rachel Tam
ON       Edward Li ON       Miriam Tam
BC       Lucas Sings QC       Grace Calvopina
ON      Caden Lee ON       Katie Du
ON      Michael Sun ON       Karina Li
AB      Christopher Sheardown
ON      David Chen-Li
QC      Gavin Hay
 Men’s Saber  Women’s Saber
QC       Matis Pastor Jobin ON       Caroline Whitehead
QC       Olivier Desrosiers QC       Laurie-Ann Lamothe
BC       Thomas Greenwood
ON      Aaron Olmstead