CFF Competitions Updates and Changes for the 2016-2020 Quadrennial

Communication July 2016

As part of the implementation phase of LTAD, each sport’s national body is expected to undertake a review of their competition structure and make adjustments to align with the sport specific long term athlete development (LTAD) model.

Changes to the national competition circuit, ranking and selection systems will be implemented over the next quadrennial based on the alignment of competition to the recommendation from the national Competitions Review committee and to LTAD with the advice from external experts in periodization and competition progression.

The Competitions Committee is integrating the recommendations from the expert CFF committees who have provided input and feedback into this process through staff.

Key elements driving the alignment are:

  • Meaningful Competition (avoid blowout situations)
  • Appropriate sized competition for all ages (small people = small gear = small field of play = adaptive rules)
  • Progressive competitive experience with equivalent competency groups (structured progression)
  • Retention of athletes through the competition pathway, especially in key age transitions:  i.e. 19-23 years, 23+
  • Providing a clear and defined competitive pathway for coaches to follow, based on science and LTAD principles, providing coaches with a common pathway, creating a system to strengthen the development of athletes in Canada with a focus on the best interest of both the athlete and Canadian Fencing in the long term.

Generalized changes to meet these criteria:

  • Recommendation for increased inter-club competition
  • Tiered progression through provincial, inter-provincial (regional events), national, continental and international competition.
  • National competition changes:
    • Event 1: Regional competition – East and West Canada Cups (~late October)
    • Event 2: All categories Canada Cup (~January 2017)
    • Event 3: National Championships
  • Criteria established for the regional events by CFF
  • The CFF will be the owner of the regional and national events in collaboration with a local hosting committee who will receive a hosting grant.

Implementation 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 fencing season is the introductory year for the implementation of Competition Review recommendations.  There will be progressive introduction of the LTAD driven competition structure, with the biggest change for 2016-17 being the schedule change for national level events and the standardization of the two regional competitions.  The National Championships have been aligned with the FIE calendar on the dates identified by the FIE for National Championships.  There will be ongoing review of the linkages between events and opportunities for constructive feedback as we move forward.  During first year there will be adaptations from the ‘ideal’ model to facilitate logistics and costs to both competitors and hosts; and, the development and trial of an initial set of qualification paths to the Canadian National Championships.

National – Regional Competition Schedule for 2016-17

October 2016                     Regional Canada Cups: 1 x east; 1 x west.  Final dates and locations dependent
upon host agreement. Target different weekends in late October.

Events: u15, cadet, junior, senior, veterans (All weapons)1

Jan 28-30, 2017                  Canadian Cup: Open for bids all zones

Events: u15, cadet, junior, senior, veterans (All weapons)1,3

April 21-23, 2017               Canadian National Championships: Open for bids all zones

Nationals events: u/15, cadet, junior, senior, veterans (All weapons)2,3

Notes: 1: Requirement for team events under review.

2: Team events subject to logistics for the event.

3: Competition review recommends the addition of an under 23 age category.  Implementation
strategy is under review and events may be revised.


New Format for a combined National Ranking:

The CFF will be implementing a NEW National Ranking which combines the top 8 positions and the respective points from the CFF HP Ranking with the current Domestic Ranking. See Appendix I for an example of how this will look. The HP points counted include HP1 (NAC + Project) and HP2 (International).

Future Directions:

Add a U/23 age category.  This has been recognized as a meaningful age category in other countries and in other sports.  It ‘fills’ the large competency gap between the current junior and senior age categories.  It also provides a stream for the athletes at university to compete and maintain their activity in the sport at an appropriate competency level.  Adding these events will be discussed with a broader audience before implementation.

Refine scheduling of events based upon experiences each year to optimize participation and effectiveness.

National Championships – 2018 and beyond

Focus the national championships to a ‘best-of-the-best’ event through a qualification process that recognizes excellence in each level of winning from the provincial champion to the best in international performance.  A qualification event will be held prior to and in conjunction with the National Championships to provide an opportunity for those athletes who did not qualify through other criteria to earn a spot in the Championships.  Currently discussion is ongoing with respect to finalizing this pathway with the following qualification pathways are proposed:

Top 16 places from Canadian National Ranking
Top 4 places from Canada Regional Cup – East
Top 4 places from Canada Regional Cup – West
Provincial / Territorial Champions (winner of provincial championship)
Minimum of 11 places filled to a maximum of 48 from a qualification event held prior to and in conjunction with National Championships


The format for the competition remains to be finalized.  Additional feedback and consultation will take place before implementation.


Provincial Events:

PSO’s are encouraged to use competition formats that comply with the LTAD principles but remain adaptable to facilitate local logistics, while retaining the key principle of meaningful competition with a clear pathway for coaches and parents.

Athletes competing in under 13 should have modified equipment / rules.  These will be issued shortly.


Regional Event Criteria:

These are placed as primarily developmental events in the annual competition calendar.  Events for both genders in three weapons with U/15, cadet, junior, senior and veterans with unrestricted entry criteria.

Principles of meaningful competition should be retained.

Option to add events for athletes under 13 depending upon logistics.

Emphasis needs to be on positive sport experience, not points or wins/losses, and gaining competitive competencies and skill set for the future. Prevent over training, overuse injuries, protect during PHV.

Focus on development – the pathway to national, continental and international competition.

Should be 2 referees from other region (N or higher)


HP Selection:

The CFF HP committee is being consulted with how the domestic competition circuit at all levels both relates to and links to the requirements for creating Canada’s best athletes in the High Performance programme.


Next Steps:

The CFF Competition Review Committee will be meeting in the fall to complete its work.  A Survey will be sent to the community for its input.


Appendix I (Example of new CFF National Ranking):

Cadet Men’s Foil – Top 16 (23 June 2016)
Rank Last Name First Name Prov Club Domestic HP 1 HP 2 Total
1 Broszus Blake BC UNA 92.9 80 130 302.9
2 Kozak Mateusz ON TFC 66.5 30 180 276.5
3 Cai Alex ON TFC 146.1 20 20 186.1
4 Jalowica Brandon ON UNA 170.6 10 0 180.6
5 Li Daniel ON TFC 116.4 10 0 126.4
6 Marks Gareth ON SFO 121.5 121.5
7 Dong Darren ON NYF 104.2 104.2
8 Chen-Li David ON UNA 99.8 99.8
9 Hay Gavin QC CRA 95.2 95.2
10 Bojanov Boris AB CFC 84.3 84.3
11 Manyoki Daniel ON KAN 63.7 63.7
12 Van Haaster Emile QC CRA 62.5 0 0 62.5
13 Poon Simon ON TFC 59.5 59.5
14 Humphrey Craig ON SFO 58.7 58.7
15 Zhang Songhao Steven ON TFC 54 54
Senior Men’s Epee – Top 16 (23June 2016)
Rank Last Name First Name Prov Club Domestic HP 1 HP 2 Total
1 Brinck-Croteau Maxime ON VGO 230.5 0 600 830.5
2 Heidecker Pascal QC MDF 731.4 0 0 731.4
3 Blais Belanger Marc-Antoine QC BRE 617.9 0 75 692.9
4 Pelletier Vincent QC STH 600.8 0 75 675.8
5 Gates Darcy ON TFC 672.6 672.6
6 Lavoie Christophe QC MDF 453.7 453.7
7 Boisvert-Simard Hugues QC STH 277.3 0 175 452.3
8 Lelion Jean QC BRE 149.8 0 300 449.8
9 Damjanovic Nikola ON VGO 445.1 445.1
10 Lyssov Alexandre ON UNA 426.1 426.1
11 Habib Farooq BC UNA 408.7 0 0 408.7
12 Ouimet François QC SPA 388.4 388.4
13 Shong Laurie BC DYN 184.4 0 150 334.4
14 Ferre Loup-Yann QC UNA 331.7 331.7
15 Brooke William SK SKS 325.1 325.1
16 Litwin Matthew ON SWP 323.7 323.7


Note: Domestic Points + HP 1 (NAC+Project) + HP 2 (International) = Total National Points