2018 National Youth Team

By David Howes May 6, 2018

The CFF is pleased to announce that the following U-15 athletes qualified as the 2018 National Youth Team and took part in an International training camp in San Francisco, California this past weekend:


Women’s Epee/Epee Féminin

Tessa Mierczuk (SWP)

Lilia Mucsi (SWP)

Marie-Frederique Millette (CEE)


Women’s Foil/Fleuret Féminin

Sabrina Fang (TFA)


Women’s Sabre/Sabre Féminin

Jacqueline Chen (AXF)


Men’s Epee/Epee Masculine

Nicolas Deguchi (HBF)

Riley Xian (VGO)

Lucas L’Esperance (CEE)


Men’s Foil/Fleuret Masculin

Michael Upton (UNA)

Caden Lee (TFC)


Men’s Sabre/Sabre Masculin

Jordan Diacos (MBL)

Hayden Thiessen (MBL)



Igor Tikhomirov (SWP)

Ayach Bounachada (MBL)


Congratulations to all!