BCFA Hosts Successful Canada Cup 1 (Senior/Veterans/University) & Canada Cup 2 (Cadet/Junior – U15)

By admin September 30, 2015

RICHMOND – The weekend of September 25-27 saw the British Columbia Fencing Association (BCFA) play host to the Canada Cup 1 (Senior/Veterans/University) and Canada Cup 2 (Cadet/Junior – U15) at the prestigious Richmond Olympic Oval.

Over 300 athletes from across Canada and the US challenged both body and mind to determine who would rise to the top of the awards podium.

The CFF would like to extend thanks the BCFA’s valued staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication in delivery of this very successful event. Also positively contributing is the Government of Canada, Absolute Fencing, Nike Team, Finger Food Studios, the Hilton Vancouver Airport and Devin Manky Photography.

The following are the results for the event. A complete listing can also be found here: https://www.fencing.ca/results/2015_cc1_cc2_richmond/



Men's Foil:

Gold: Alex Cai (ON)

Silver: Mateusz Kozak (ON)

Bronze: Emile Van Haaster (QC)

Bronze: Daniel Li (ON)


Women's Sabre:

Gold: Jiaping Ma (BC)

Silver: Mathilde Gil Simard (QC)

Bronze: Marina Guintchitskaia (AB)

Bronze: Chloe Cyr (ON)



Women’s Epee:

Gold: Alexanne Verret (QC)

Silver: Julia Barry (NS)

Bronze: Marilyne Plante (QC)

Bronze: Cindy Gao (ON)


Men's Epee:

Gold: Dylan French (BC)

Silver: Maxime Billon (QC)

Bronze: Nicolas Pouliquen (BC)

Bronze: Loup-yann Ferré (QC)



Women's Foil:

Gold: Kelleigh Ryan (ON)

Silver: Eleanor Harvey (ON)

Bronze: Ariane Bilodeau (QC)

Bronze: Jerrica Gu (AB)


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Cameron Mackay (MB)

Silver: Mathieu Nassif (QC)

Bronze: Cedric Boutet (QC)

Bronze: Julien Hogues (QC)


Team Women's Foil:

Gold: USFA – Tang, Tag, Tolbert (USA)

Silver: Cutting Edge – Fairhurst, Helwer, Moyano (CAN)


Team Men's Sabre:

Gold: SSC – Kennedy, Luth, Pilaszewicz, Rusheleau (CAN)

Silver: Dynamique de Brebeuf – Hogues, Kabbaj, Lutfy, Nassif (CAN)

Bronze: Seigneur de la Rive-Nord – Boutet, Gelinas, Lambert (CAN)


Men's Sabre:

Gold: Alex Sun (BC)

Silver: Nathan Go (BC)

Bronze: Joshua Lee (BC)

Bronze: Clement Cheung (BC)


Women's Foil:

Gold: Jessica Zi Jia Guo (ON)

Silver: Rachel Tam (ON)

Bronze: Annie Xiaohui Lin (ON)

Bronze: Erica Kuen (USA)


Men’s Foil:

Gold: Sam Hardwicke-Brown (AB) – Ryerson University

Silver: Jean-Marc Turk (QC) – University of Montreal

Bronze: John St. George (AB) – University of Calgary

Bronze: Caleb McIntosh (BC) – University of Victoria



Mixed Epee:

Gold: Bela Suveg (BC)

Silver: Darcy Gates (ON)

Bronze: Terry Sami (AB)

Bronze: Brendan Robertson (BC)


Women's Epee:

Gold: Fran Sloan Sainas (BC)

Silver: Gina Konschuh (AB)




Women's Epee:

Gold: Cindy Gao (ON)

Silver: Ariane Léonard (QC)

Bronze: Zi Shan (Shirley) Guo (ON)

Bronze: Natasha Kis-Toth (BC)


Women's Foil:

Gold: Jane Caulfield (AB)

Silver: Ying Cao (ON)

Bronze: Cynthia Liu (AB)

Bronze: Elizabeth Dostie-Vigneault (QC)


Men’s Foil:

Gold: Sean Grant (ON)

Silver: Brandon Jalowica (ON)

Bronze: Daniel Gu (AB)

Bronze: Shaw Phillips (USA)


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Benjamin Marcus (USA)

Silver: Spencer McPhedran (AB)

Bronze: Marc Gélinas (QC)

Bronze: François Cauchon (QC)





Men's Epee:

Gold: Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger (QC)

Silver: Vincent Pelletier (QC)

Bronze: Clement Femenias-Metivet (QC)

Bronze: Laurie Shong (BC)


Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Marissa Ponich (QC)

Silver: Rachel Lamarre (QC)

Bronze: Frédéric Chevarie (QC)

Bronze: Pamela Brind'Amour (QC)


Team Women's Sabre:

Gold: Seirgei Saber Club – Giroux, Guintchitskaia, Ponich, Thurgood (CAN)

Silver: Military Fencing  – Helwer, Porter, Rogers (CAN) 



Men’s Epee:

Gold: Junlang Zhao (AB)

Silver: Daniel Kolpakov (BC)

Bronze: Caelan Meyer (BC)

Bronze: Jason Li (ON)


Women's Sabre:

Gold: Bai Xun You Liu (ON)

Silver: Chloe Cyr (ON)

Bronze: Neav Williams-Murphy (BC)

Bronze: Zoe Wu (BC)


Women’s Epee:

Gold: Flavie Martineau (QC) – Cégep Garneau

Silver: Mahée Merica (QC) – McGill University

Bronze: Kali Sayers (AB) – University of Calgary

Bronze: Marilyne Plante (QC) – Cégep Limoilou


Women’s Foil:

Gold: Aimee Schryer (SK) – University of Saskatchewan

Silver: Charlotte Mesurolle (QC) – McGill University

Bronze: Heidi Atter (SK) – University of Regina

Bronze: Sabrina Yu (AB) – University of Calgary


Mixed Sabre:

Gold: Vincent Fernandez (ON)

Silver: Mike Krasnich (BC)

Bronze: Eden Koster (AB)

Bronze: Grace Born (BC)




Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Gabe Shuster (MB)

Silver: Alexandre Prefontaine (MB)

Bronze: Matthias Leuprecht (ON)

Bronze: François Cauchon (QC)


Men’s Epee:

Gold: Nikola Damjanovic (ON)

Silver: Seraphim Hsieh Jarov (BC)

Bronze: Antonio Hui (BC)

Bronze: Riley Norman (BC)




Women’s Foil:

Gold: Ying Cao (ON)

Silver: Sarah Filby (MB)

Bronze: Jane Caulfield (AB)

Bronze: Artemis Hopps (MB)


Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Rachel Lamarre (QC)

Silver: Veronique Lamarre (QC)

Bronze: Madison Thurgood (AB)

Bronze: Frédérique Bourget (QC)



Women's Epee:

Gold: Malinka Hoppe Montanaro (QC)

Silver: Alexanne Verret (QC)

Bronze: Monica Lubczynski (QC)

Bronze: Emma Von Dadelszen (BC)


Men’s Foil:

Gold: Daniel Gu (AB)

Silver: Maximilien Van Haaster (QC)

Bronze: Marc-Antoine Brodeur (QC)

Bronze: Sean Grant (ON)


Team Women's Epee:

Gold: Brebeuf – Fournier, Léonard, Lubczynski, Merica (CAN)

Silver: Dynamo + – Mason, Rogowicz, Rumble, Sayers (CAN)

Bronze: CISM – Fairhurst, Gilmore, Larocque


Team Men's Foil:

Gold: Coeur de Lion – Bontems, Prymack, Van Haaster, Van Haaster

Silver: Salle Sequin – Dula, Nazarali, Sarty, Yang

Bronze: CISM – Femenias-Metivet, Prymack, Turk



Women’s Epee:

Gold: Ariane Léonard (QC)

Silver: Justine Boudreau (QC)

Bronze: Christina Zozulya (BC)

Bronze: Ella Havkin (AB)


Men’s Foil:

Gold: Patrick Liu (USA)

Silver: Benjamin Shih (USA)

Bronze: Songhao Steven Zhang (ON)

Bronze: Lawrence Song (USA)


Men's Epee:

Gold: Vincent Lavoie (QC) – Polytechnique Montréal

Silver: Alexandre Sami-Bacon (AB) – Mount Royal University


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: William Kinney (ON) – University of Toronto

Silver: Danae Smelsky-Rémillard (MB) – University of Winnipeg

Bronze: Cameron Griffiths (AB) – University of Alberta

Bronze: Philip Pitura (SK) – University of Regina