Canada’s Top Young Fencers Excel at the Kansas City North American Cup

By David Howes November 14, 2017

Canada’s top young competitive fencers travelled to Kansas City this past weekend to take part in the North American Cup (NAC) for Y14, Cadet and Junior fencers.

A total of 25 Canadian fencers achieved top 16 results in events that had as many as 225 fencers. Five fencers came home with medals, including:

David Gornovsky, Y14 Men’s Epee, SWP, ON – GOLD

Ariane Leonard, Junior Women’s Epee, OLM, QC – SILVER

Jessica Guo, Y14 Women’s Foil, HHF, ON – SILVER

Zi Shan Guo, Junior Women’s Epee, VGO, ON – BRONZE

Daniel Gu, Junior Men’s Foil, EFC, AB – BRONZE

Following is a summary of the athletes who finished in the top 16:

Cadet Women’s Epee (172 fencers)

Ariane Leonard, OLM, QC – 2nd

Zi Shan Guo, VGO, ON – 3rd

Michelle Kutik, SWP, ON – 8th


Junior Women’s Epee (194 fencers)

Cindy Gao, TFC, Harvard, ON – 5th

Justine Boudreau, OLM, QC – 8th

Zi Shan Guo, VGO, ON – 9th

Shirley Wang, VGO, ON – 14th


Cadet Women’s Foil (221 fencers)

Jessica Guo, HHF, ON – 15th


Cadet Men’s Saber (206 fencers)

Nicholas Dinu, BSC, ON – 16th


Cadet Men’s Epee (226 fencers)

Benedek Szabo, SWP, ON – 5th

David Gornovsky, SWP, ON – 6th

Steven Grams, UNA, QC – 12th

Nicholas Deguchi, HBF, ON – 15th


Junior Men’s Sabre (217 fencers)

Angelo Chiara, BRE, QC – 14th


Y14 Women’s Epee (94 fencers)

Tessa Mierczuk, SWP, ON – 9th

Marie Frederique Millette, CEE, QC – 15th

Angela Lilla Mucsi, SWP, ON – 16th


Y14 Men’s Saber (119 fencers)

Matis Pastor-Jobin, SPA, QC – 11th


Y14 Women’s Saber (84 fencers)

Tamar Gordon, DYN, BC – 11th


Junior Men’s Foil (249 fencers)

Daniel Gu, EFC, AB – 3rd


Y14 Women’s Foil (116 fencers)

Jessica Guo, HHF, ON – 2nd


Y14 Men’s­ Epee (94 fencers)

David Gornovsky, SWP, ON – 1st

Nicholas Deguchi, HBF, ON – 7th

Riley Xian, VGO, ON – 11th

Lucas L’Esperance, CEE, QC – 14th


Congratulations to all athletes and their coaches!