Canadian Fencers Excel at the Anaheim North American Cup

By David Howes October 17, 2017

Many of Canada’s competitive fencers travelled to Anaheim, California this past weekend to take part in the first North American Cup (NAC) of the season.

Several Canadians took home medals and many more finished top 8 and top 16 in events that featured over 150 fencers.

Following are Canada’s top performers:

Michael Buckley, Div. 1 Men’s Epee Classification, ON, Gold

Steven Grams, Cadet Men’s Epee, North SFC, US, Silver

Seraphim Jarov, Cadet Men’s Epee, DYN, BC, 5th

Jane Caulfield, Div. 1 Women’s Foil, EFC, AB, 6th

Jessica Guo, Div. 1 Women’s Foil, HHF, ON, 7th

Jia Chengming, Div. 2 Men’s Epee, LIF, ON, 7th

Jane Caulfield, Cadet Women’s Foil, EFC, AB, 8th

Linda Liu, Cadet Women’s Epee, VGO, ON, 8th

Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger, Div. 1 Men’s Epee, Ohio State, US, 9th

Gavin Hay, Div. 2 Men’s Epee, CRA, QC, 11th

Blake Broszus, Div. 1 Men’s Foil, US, 11th

Jessica Guo, Cadet Women’s Foil, HHF, ON, 12th

Alexander Zwegers, Div. 2 Men’s Epee, TFC, ON, 13th

Benedek Szabo, Div. 2 Men’s Epee, SWP, ON, 14th

Christina Zozulya, Cadet Women’s Epee, DYN, BC 14th

Grace Xu, Div. 2 Women’s Epee, VGO, ON, 14th

Lily Liu, Cadet Women’s Sabre, TFC, ON, 15th

Mateo Kadyszewski, Cadet Men’s Epee, OM, QC, 16th

David Guo, Div. 2 Men’s Epee, DYN, BC 16th