By David Howes January 8, 2019

Fencing Weekend Wrap-Up: Jan. 7, 2019

Over this past weekend, Canada’s rising fencers were in action at the North American Cup (NAC) competition in Charlotte, North Carolina in Division I, Junior, Senior Team and Wheelchair fencing.

Canada took home 27 top 16 results, including 10 medals and 19 top eight results. Taking home the gold was Ruth Sylvie T. Morel(CDO – Chevalier Dragon d’Or) in Wheelchair Women’s Saber. 

Ryan Rousell(SKA-Asquith Garde Fencing Club) took three medals – gold in Wheelchair Men’s Saber, silver in Wheelchair Men’s Epee, and bronze in Wheelchair Men’s Foil. In addition, Mathieu Hebert(ROU – Club d’escrime du Roussillon) took gold in Wheelchair Men’s Epee and silver in Wheelchair Men’s Saber.

Also taking silver, was Justine Boudreau(OM – Olympia de Longueuil) in Women’s Epee Classification and Jessica Zi Jia Guo(HHF – Hua Hua Fencing Club) in Junior Women’s Foil. Pierre Mainville(CLC – Club d’escrime Lames Croisées de Saint Jérôme) took bronze in Wheelchair Men’s Saber, as well as Amber Briar (TFC – Toronto Fencing Club) in Wheelchair Women’s Foil.

The following table is a summary of the top 16 performances:

Matthieu Hebert 1st Wheelchair Men’s Epee ROU – Québec
Ruth Sylvie T. Morel 1st Wheelchair Women’s Saber CDO- Pincourt, Québec
Ryan Rousell 1st Wheelchair Men’s Saber SKA – Saskatchewan
Jessica Zi Jia Guo 2nd Junior Women’s Foil HHF – Toronto
Justine Boudreau 2nd Women’s Epee Classification OM – Montreal
Matthieu Hebert 2nd Wheelchair Men’s Saber ROU – Québec
Ryan Rousell 2nd Wheelchair Men’s Epee SKA – Saskatchewan
Amber Briar 3rd Wheelchair Women’s Foil TFC -Toronto
Pierre Mainville 3rd Wheelchair Men’s Saber CLC – Québec
Ryan Rousell 3rd Wheelchair Men’s Foil SKA – Saskatchewan
Douglas Brecht 5th Wheelchair Men’s Saber SKA – Saskatchewan
Matthieu Hebert 5th Wheelchair Men’s Foil ROU – Québec
Pierre Mainville 5th Wheelchair Men’s Epee CLC – Québec
Ruth Sylvie T. Morel 5th Wheelchair Women’s Foil CDO- Pincourt, Québec
Chiara Angelo M. 6th Junior Men’s Saber BRE- Montreal
Douglas Brecht 6th Wheelchair Men’s Epee SKA – Saskatchewan
Tamara L. Booy 6th Women’s Epee Classification OM – Montreal
Ying Cao 6th Junior Women’s Foil TFC – Toronto
Douglas Brecht 7th Wheelchair Men’s Foil SKA – Saskatchewan
Blake J. Broszus 9th Div I Men’s Foil Silicon Valley Fencing Centre
Seraphim Hsieh Jarov 9th Junior Men’s Epee DYN – Richmond
Christina S. Zozulya 10th Junior Women’s Epee DYN – Richmond
David J. Gomovsky 10th Junior Men’s Epee SWP – Toronto
Park Thomas Junseo 10th Men’s Epee Classification USA
Jessica Zi Jia Guo 11th Div I Women’s Foil HHF – Toronto
Ariane Leonard 12th Junior Women’s Epee OM – Montreal
Genvevieve Rosseel 14th Women’s Epee Classification SKA – Saskatchewan

Congratulations to all fencers.