Canadian Fencing Talent on Full Display at Senior/Veteran Nationals and Canada Cup

By admin May 18, 2015

May 17 – The Canadian Fencing Federation hosted the 2015 Senior/Veteran National Championships and 2015 U-15/Cadet/Junior Canada Cup over the weekend, and the country’s top fencing talent was on point throughout.

The events were held out of the sprawling Richmond Olympic Oval, in Richmond, BC, which became the temporary home for hundreds of fencers that converged on the events from coast-to-coast.

Below are the medalists for each category.

The CFF would like to thank the British Columbia Fencing Association for their support, the many volunteers who gave their time and effort throughout the event, as well as the government of Canada, Finger Food Studios, the Hilton Vancouver Airport, Viasport BC, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Devin Manky Photography, Marketing Motif, and the CFF’s newest sponsor, Absolute Fencing.


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Francois Cauchon (QC)

Silver: Angelo Chiara (QC)

Bronze: Oscar Zhao (BC)

Bronze: Sebastian Grathwol-Sear

Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Mathilde Gil-Simard (QC)

Silver: Chloe Cyr (ON)

Bronze: Bai Xun You Liu (ON)

Bronze: Lisa Arnaud (MB)

Men’s Foil:

Gold: Daniel Li (ON)

Silver: Graeme Loehmer (AB)

Bronze: Hudson Showalter (BC)

Bronze: Gavin Hay (QC)

Women’s Foil:

Gold: Benita Guo (ON)

Silver: Audrey Green (ON)

Bronze: Artemis Hopps (MB)

Bronze: Jessica Zi Jia Guo (ON)

Men’s Epee:

Gold: Antonio Hui (BC)

Silver: Seraphim Hsieh Jarov (BC)

Bronze: Dylan Stiles (BC)

Bronze: Rick Wu (ON)

Women’s Epee:

Gold: Shirley Guo (ON)

Silver: Gloria Zhou (ON)

Bronze: Kira Belaoussoff (ON)

Bronze:  Ariane Leonard (QC)


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: André Lavoie (MB)

Silver: Hunter Moricz (BC)

Bronze: Angelo Chiara (QC)

Bronze: Francois Cauchon (QC)

Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Marina Guintchitskaia (AB)

Silver: Madison Thurgood (AB)

Bronze: Kathy Hu (BC)

Bronze:  Jenna Brignoly (MB)

Men’s Foil:

Gold: Christopher Sheardown (AB)

Silver: Blake Broszus (BC)

Bronze: Jack Leighninger (ON)

Bronze:  Mateusz Kozak (ON)

Women’s Foil:

Gold: Jane Caufield (AB)

Silver: Karina Li (ON)

Bronze: Ying Cao (ON)

Bronze: Katie Jingjia Du (AB)

Men’s Epee:

Gold: Nikola Damjanovic (ON)

Silver: Flynn Mansbridge-Fafard (BC)

Bronze: Matthew Litwin (ON)

Bronze:  Cory Wilson (AB)

Women’s Epee:

Gold: Cindy Gao (ON)

Silver: Natasha Kis-Toth (BC)

Bronze: Jessica Rumble (BC)

Bronze: Elizabeth Douglas (BC)


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Cameron Mackay (MB)

Silver: Hunter Moricz (BC)

Bronze: André Lavoie (MB)

Bronze: Jihad Kabbaj (QC)

Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Frédérique Bourget (QC)

Silver: Veronique Lamarre (QC)

Bronze: Rachel Lamarre (QC)

Bronze: Jiaping Ma (BC)

Men’s Foil:

Gold: Daniel Gu (BC)

Silver: Misha Sweet (MB)

Bronze: Sean Grant (AB)

Bronze: Christopher Sheardown (AB)

Women’s Foil:

Gold: Angela Li (ON)

Silver: Cynthia Liu (AB)

Bronze: Woojoo Kwon (BC)

Bronze:  Zoe Loh (ON)

Men’s Epee:

Gold: Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger (QC)

Silver: Dylan French (BC)

Bronze: Loup-Yann Ferre (QC)

Bronze: Nikola Damjanovic (ON)

Women’s Epee:

Gold: Monica Lubczynski (QC)

Silver: Cindy Gao (ON)

Bronze: Kali Sayers (AB)

Bronze:  Marilyne Plante (QC)


Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Shaul Gordon (BC)

Silver: Cedric Boutet (QC)

Bronze: Cameron Mackay (MB)

Bronze: Pascal Lambert (QC)

Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Gabriella Page (QC)

Silver: Marissa Ponich (AB)

Bronze: Frederic Chevarie (QC)

Bronze:  Alison Doyle (ON)

Men’s Foil:

Gold: Etienne Lalonde-Turbide (QC)

Silver: Misha Sweet (MB)

Bronze: Sam Hardwicke-Brown (AB)

Bronze: Sean Grant (AB)

Women’s Foil:

Gold: Eleanor Harvey (ON)

Silver: Jerrica Gu (AB)

Bronze: Sofya Romashina (BC)

Bronze:  Ying Cao (ON)

Men’s Epee:

Gold: Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger (QC)

Silver: Dylan French (BC)

Bronze: William Brooke (SK)

Bronze: Vincent Desjardins (QC)

Women’s Epee:

Gold: Leonara Mackinnon (ON)

Silver: Malinka Hoppe Montanaro (QC)

Bronze: Daria Jorquera Palmer (MB)

Bronze: Louise Fournier (QC)

Team Men’s Epee:

Gold: Bakonyi, Boisse, French, Gantsevich (Dynamo B)

Silver: Desjardins, Ferre, Perreault (STH A)

Bronze: Beaulieu, Femenias-Metivet, Lavoie (STH B)

Team Women’s Epee:

Gold: Fournier, Hogues, Lubczynski (Brebeuf)

Silver: Martineau, Mayer, Plante (STH)

Team Men’s Foil:

Gold: Hardwicke-Brown, Jonas, Sheardown, Webster (AB)

Silver: Dudiak, Dula, Nazarali, Sarty (SK)

Bronze: Hopkins, McIntosh, Tang (BC)

Team Women’s Sabre:

Gold: Giroux, Guintchitskaia, Ponich, Thurgood (Sergei’s Sabre Club)

Silver: Duhamel, Page, Villeneuve-Leroux (Seigneur de la Rive-Nord)

Bronze: Arnaud, Brignoly, Yano (Manitoba Golden Blades)

Team Men’s Sabre:

Gold: Pilaszewicz, Rathwell, Rusheleau (A)

Silver: Lavoie, Mackay, Shuster, Vasas (MGB)

Bronze: Baird, Pitura, Sacuta (Salle Seguin Fencing)


Mixed Sabre:

Gold: Mike Krasnich (BC)

Silver: Eden Koster (AB)

Bronze: Mark Ballard (ON)

Bronze: William Mason (ON)

Mixed Foil:

Gold: Julian Tang (BC)

Silver: Dominique Teisseire (QC)

Bronze: Robert Noble (BC)

Bronze:  Anthony Jeong (AB)

Men’s Epee:

Gold: Ron Bakonyi (BC)

Silver: Bela Suveg (BC)

Bronze: Claude Plasse (QC)

Bronze: Darcy Gates (ON)

Women’s Epee:

Gold: Gina Konschuh (AB)

Silver: Genevieve Rosseel (QC)

Bronze: Fran Sloan Sainas (BC)

Bronze: Vera Belaoussoff (ON)