Canadians Competing at the 2017 Veterans World Championships

By David Howes October 15, 2017

The Canadian Fencing Federation is pleased to announce that the following athletes will be representing Canada at the Veterans World Championships in Maribor, Slovenia, from October 16th to 21st, 2017.

Grace Born; Sabre/Foil

Sioban Moss; Foil/Epee

Francis Sloan-Sainas; Foil/Epee

Suzan Stewart; Foil

Lisa Huzel; Epee

Carlo Giuliani; Epee

Zygmunt Jakubek; Sabre

Bob Rennick; Sabre

Andrew Schultz; Epee

Bela Suveg; Epee

Evgeny Bohzenko; Foil

Howard Simmons; Epee

Fritz Kristberg; Epee

Mark Ballard; Epee/Foil

Mike Krasnich; Sabre

Roy Suzuki; Sabre/Epee

David Cymbaluk; Sabre

Dale Dorosh; Sabre

Gaby Weisz; Foil


Coach; Kyle Foster

Referees; Suzanne Vogt, Manuel Belmonte

Chef de mission; Gaby Weisz


This is the largest Canadian contingent to ever participate in the Veterans World Championships.

In addition to individual competition, Canada will field teams in Men’s Epee, Men’s Foil and Women’s Foil.

Good luck to all!

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