Canadians Win Eight Medals at the North American Cup in Baltimore

By admin December 8, 2015

A number of Canadians made the trip to Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend for the December North American Cup (NAC) which featured competition for Senior Divisions I and II, and Veterans. Canadians won a total of eight medals including three gold, two silver and four bronze.

Following are Canadians who won medals in their event:

Gold – Michael Buckley, Toronto FC, Veteran Men's Epee

Gold – Kirsten Ball, Veteran 40 Women's Epee

Silver – Kirsten Ball, Veteran Women's Epee

Silver – Julian Tang, Veteran 40 Men's Foil

Bronze – Bela Suveg, Dynamo, Veteran Men's Epee

Bronze – Tanya Tygesen, Toronto FC, Veteran Women's Epee

Bronze – Darcy Gates, Toronto FC, Veteran 40 Men's Epee

Bronze – Wendy Yano, Veteran 40 Women's Sabre

Following are Canadians who finished top 16 in their event:

5th – Mike Krasnich, Dynamo, Veteran 50 Men's Sabre

5th – Michael Buckley, Toronto FC, Veteran 40 Men's Epee

6th – Wendy Yano, Veteran Women's Sabre

6th – Kyle Foster, Can FA, Veteran 40 Men's Epee

8th – Tanya Tygesen, Toronto FC, Division II Women's Epee

8th – Bela Suveg, Dynamo, Veteran 50 Men's Epee

8th – Ida Choy, Seacoast, Veteran Women's Foil

9th – Julian Tang, Veteran Men's Foil

9th – Alison Doyle, Division I Women's Sabre

11th – Lee Ambrose, Veteran 40 Men's Epee

11th – Michael McDonnell, Veteran 50 Men's Epee

11th – Dennis Wendel, Veteran 70 Men's Foil

12th – Gaby Weisz, Veteran 70 Men's Foil

13th – Kyle Foster, Can FA, Veteran Men's Epee

14th – Evgeny Bozhenko, Veteran Men's Foil

Congratulations to all!