Canadians Win Eleven Medals at the 2018 Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships

By Caroline Sharp August 1, 2018

The 2018 Commonwealth Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships wrapped up in Newcastle, England with Canada coming away with a total of 11 medals in Individual and Team competitions. Canadians also had an additional 20 top 16 finishes in Individual competition.

Following is a summary of the top 16 results in Individual competition and the medals won in team events:

Cadet Men’s Foil:

Lucas Sings – Gold

Niklas Holland – Silver

Caden Lee – Bronze

Edward Li – 6th

Michael Sun – 14th


Cadet Women’s Epee:

Kira Belaoussof – 16th


Cadet Women’s Sabre:

Caroline Whitehead – Bronze

Laurie-Ann Lamothe – 12th


Cadet Women’s Foil:

Rachel Tam – 6th

Miriam Tam – 12th


Cadet Men’s Epee:

Riley Xian – Bronze

Mathieu Cyr – 6th

Ryan Xian – 13th


Cadet Men’s Sabre :

Thomas Greenwood – 5th

Matis Pastor-Jobin – 14th

Olivier Desrosiers – 16th


Cadet Men’s Foil Team – Bronze


Junior Women’s Epee:

Leanna Lui – 6th

Kira Belaoussof – 9th


Junior Women’s Sabre:

Caroline Whitehead – 5th


Junior Men’s Foil:

Niklas Holland – Bronze

Edward Li – 5th

Christopher Sheardown – 10th

Gavin Hay – 12th


Junior Men’s Epee:

Riley Norman – 9th


Junior Men’s Sabre:

Olivier Desrosiers – 9th

Thomas Greenwood 13th


Junior Women’s Foil:

Katie Du – Gold

Rachel Tam – 5th

Sarah Barrett – 11th


Junior Women’s Foil Team – Gold

Junior Men’s Foil Team – Silver

Junior Women’s Epee Team – Silver

Congratulations to all!