Canadians Win Multiple Medals at the 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships

By David Howes November 21, 2016

Canada’s top Veteran Fencers were in Christ Church, New Zealand to take part in the 2016 Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships. Competition wrapped up yesterday, with Canadians taking home a total of 23 medals!


Congratulations to the following fencers for their podium performances:


Darcy Gates VME40

VME team (Canada 1: Kyle Foster, Darcy Gates, Bela Suveg and Ambrose Lee)

Kirsten Ball VWE40

VWE team (Kirsten Ball, Lisa Huzel, Genevieve Rosseel, Francis Sloan Sainas)

VME team Challenge (Canada 2: Michael McDonnell, Andrew Schultz, David Roberts, Howard Simmons)


Kyle Foster VME40

Bela Suveg VME50

Bill Mason VMS60

Francis Sloan Sainas VWE50

Kristen Ball VWE

Felice Yim VMF50


Bac Tau VME70

Ambrose Lee VME

Ambrose Lee VME40

Eden Koster VWS

Eden Koster VWS40

Genevieve Rosseel VWS40

James Stempien VMS50

Gaby Weisz VMF70

Genevieve Rosseel VWE

Genevieve Rosseel VWE40

Felice Yim VMF

VMF Team (Ambrose Lee, Gaby Weisz, Felice Yim)

Congratulations to all competitors.