CFF High Performance Program Changes for 2014-15

By admin September 25, 2014

The CFF High Performance Advisory Committee (HPAC) wishes to announce important changes to the High Performance Program structure for 2014-15.

The HPAC has decided to name Senior National Team Program Coaches and Junior/Cadet National Team Program Coaches for the 2014-15 season for each weapon and gender for a total of 12 coaches.

The National Team Program Coaches will work under the direction of the HPAC and with support from Monica Peterson, who will be promoted to High Performance Manager when she returns from maternity leave in January.

The CFF is pleased to announce that the following coaches have been named National Team Coaches for the following programs for 2014-15 based on their work with these programs during this cycle:

Senior Men’s Epee:               Victor Gantsevich

Senior Women’s Epee:          David Howes

Senior Men’s Foil:                Alexey Kuznetsov

Senior Women’s Foil:           Paul ApSimon

Senior Men’s Sabre:              Benjamin Manano

Junior Cadet Men’s Sabre:    Stephane Hamel

The CFF will be seeking applicants for the position of Senior Women’s Sabre National Team Coach. 

The positions of Junior/Cadet National Team Program Coaches for men’s epee, women’s epee, men’s foil, women’s foil and women’s sabre will be open for applicants and will be posted very shortly.

These decisions were guided by the CFF’s High Performance Plan 2020.  The HPAC sincerely thanks former Weapon Leaders David Howes (Epee), Paul ApSimon (Foil) and co-leaders Benjamin Manano and Stephane Hamel (Sabre) for all of their hard work over the past two years.  These gentlemen played a key role in the development of the CFF’s High Performance Plan 2020 and worked tirelessly towards improving our systems, structures and communications with personal coaches.