Format Change for Cadet/Junior Events at Vancouver Canada Cup

By admin December 4, 2013

Due to the recent format change to be tested at the Cadet and Junior World Championships in April 2014 (as approved at the FIE Congress on November 28, 2013), the CFF High Performance Committee has requested to have this new format used at the upcoming Vancouver Cadet and Junior competition.

The new format for Cadet and Junior events only, will be as follows at the Vancouver Canada Cup:

·         Pool bouts will be fenced for 5 hits, maximum 2 minutes

·         Direct Elimination will be 15 hits, 2- 3 minute bouts with a 1 minute break in between

There will be no changes to the format of the U13/ Y15/ Senior and Veteran events for this competition.

Updates on the rule changes which come into effect January 1, 2014 are available on the CFF Facebook page.