By Ambrosia Cantin January 18, 2019

Fencing Week Wrap-Up: Jan. 18th, 2019

Canadian Fencers had a busy week competing around the world. Taking home gold was Annie Lin (Toronto, ON) in Cadet Women’s Foil in Poznan, Poland, winning the top spot in a field of 195 fencers.  Also competing in Poznan, was Corinne Balot (Toronto, ON) who ranked 14thin the same category.  Sabrina Fang (Edmonton, Alberta), Annie Lin and Catherine Wu (Toronto, ON), the Cadet Women’s Foil Team, finished 10thoverall in Poznan.

Another medalist in EFC action was Thomas Greenwood (AFC, B.C) who took home bronze in Cadet Men’s Sabre in Meylan, France, a competition that had over 126 fencers.

In addition, Alexander Wu (Toronto, ON), Caden Lee (Toronto, ON), Alvin Poon (Toronto, ON), and Patrick Liu (Ottawa, ON), competed in the Cadet Men’s Foil Team finishing in third in Bratislava, Slovakia. Brian Li, placed 16thin Cadet Men’s Foil. Also fencing in Slovakia, was Zi Shan Guo (VGO, Toronto) who placed ninth in Cadet Female Epée.

Competing in the Senior World Cup Women’s Foil Team event in Katowice, Poland was Shannon Comerford (Saskatoon, SK), Alanna Goldie (Calgary, AB), Jessica Zi Jia Guo (Toronto, ON) and Eleanor Harvey (Hamilton, ON). The Team performed well, defeating China 41-33 to continue through to the quarter finals. The Team then lost to world number 2 ranked Italy by a score of 37-45 and finished in 6thplace overall.

The top performer at the Senior Women’s Foil World Cup in Katowice in Individual competition was Jessica Zi Jia who finished 20thoverall. Eleanor Harvey finished 33rdwhile Alanna Goldie was 52ndoverall.

Competing in the Senior Women’s Epee World Cup Team event in Havana, Cuba and finishing 17thwere Malinka Hoppe Montanaro (Montreal QC), Yan Sze Ka (Vancouver, BC), Alexanne Verret (Quebec, QC) and Emma Von Dadelszen (Vancouver, BC).

Watch for Canadians competing this upcoming weekend of January 19-20, 2019 in Junior World Cups as follows:  Men’s Epée in Manama, BRN, Women’s Epée in Maalot, ISR, Men’s Foil in Aix-en-Provence, FRA, and Women’s Foil in Zagreb, HRV.  For more information and updates on these events, please visit the Canadian Fencing Federation’s social media platforms.


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