High Performance Program Applications

By admin October 3, 2014

The CFF is pleased to invite fencers to apply to be a member of the CFF High Performance Program (HPP).  As a member of the HPP, athletes are eligible to apply through CFF to participate in international competitions, as well as appear in the Junior and/or Senior Selection Rankings, making them eligible for major competitions such as Pan Am Championships and World Championships. Only HPP athletes are eligible to take part in National Team Projects. HPP athletes and their personal coaches are part of an elite weapon group that are eligible for support and guidance from their National Team Program Coach in their pursuit of excellence.

In order to be accepted, fencers must:

  • Have a valid CFF license for the 2014-15 season;
  • Purchase a FIE license on the CFF web site for the 2014-2015 season;
  • Complete the HPP Application Procedures, including payment of the $500 fee; and
  • Have no outstanding debts with the CFF


Each HPP athlete will be provided with a tracksuit the first time that they register for the CFF HPP during the 2012-2016 quadrennial. All athletes must keep this podium suit until the conclusion of the 2016 season and wear it for all NTP’s and any other team selections. Should an athlete require a new podium suit, the athlete will be charged a $150 replacement fee.

Athletes who register to participate in International competitions and are not part of HPP will be required to pay the non HPP fee of $150 per competition.

All HPP fees collected are redirected to the CFF High Performance Program and are used to help offset coaching, program and administrative costs related to the HP Program.  New for 2015, the CFF HP Committee will be developing an athlete performance reward bonus for athletes achieving top results at major competitions.  More details will follow before the new year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CFF High Performance Program, please complete the on-line application form http://fencing.ca//HPP-Application and send all supporting documentation to the HPP Coordinator at hppc@fencing.ca.

The deadline for application is November 1, 2014.