Ildemaro Sanchez Joins CFF as Coach Developer

By Caroline Sharp September 29, 2017

The CFF is pleased to announce that Ildemaro Sanchez has been contracted by the CFF as a Coach Developer.

Sanchez, who is based in St. Jerome, Quebec, is a well-respected Fencing Master who has worked in the past as National Fencing Coach for Women’s Sabre in Canada and is a National Coach for Wheelchair Fencing. An experienced coach developer, Sanchez has been coordinating coach development at the Provincial level in Quebec for the past nine years.

Holding numerous University degrees, Sanchez has worked as a University Professor in Physical Education and taught courses specific to planning and methodology of Sport training and coach education. Sanchez was a key contributor to Canadian Fencing’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan and the Armband Program.

Sanchez started in his new role with the CFF on September 1st and is developing his plan moving forward, which includes communicating a clear pathway and process for coach certification and training specific to fencing. He will work closely with our Provincial Association partners in this process.

Ildemaro Sanchez can be reached at