Making Headway in Sport – Concussion eLearning Module

By admin October 9, 2013

FREE for a limited time! Designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes, this multi-sport module will cover: what to do to prevent concussions, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, what to do when you suspect an athlete has a concussion, and how to ensure athletes return to play safely.

To begin, you will require a NCCP Coaching number (CC#). If you have never taken an NCCP course and need a CC #, please register with The Locker. If you need assistance contact Tim Stang (

You should expect to spend 60-90 minutes completing this module, and will receive credit for completion on your coaching transcript in the Locker. To start Log onto:

By taking these NCCP Professional Development modules, you will not only become concussion smart, but your completion of this module will also be recorded on your coaching transcript as professional development.