Purchase a CFF licence

**Registration for the new season starting Aug. 1, 2018 will open on Aug. 1, 2018!

**To renew your CFF Licence, you will be required to use an access code to proceed through with your registration. The access code was provided to you when you first registered through Goalline last year.  If you no longer have your access code, requesting it through Goalline will have it sent to your profile’s emergency contact.  If you have any difficulty retrieving the access code, please email memberships@fencing.ca or your Provincial Fencing Association.  New CFF license holders will be provided with an access code upon confirmation and this should be kept on file for future reference.**

The Canadian Fencing Federation has partnered with Goalline Networks out of Halifax, NS to bring

forward a much more robust, faster and extendable membership system. This system will allow the

federation to offer direct administrative services to the provincial fencing associations and at a later

date clubs and competition organizers. Additionally, we’ve greatly expanded our payment options

through our partnership with Paypal.

Since this is a completely new system, we were forced to make some compromises in order to allow for

greater growth in the future. We are still customizing the system and we expect it to grow with us. As

such, your username and password from the previous systems have not been carried over. However,

using your name, date of birth you can recover your access code and log directly into the system. The

whole process takes only a matter of minutes. Members with CFF licences from previous years are

encouraged to renew those licence numbers.

Should you have problems recovering your Access code, please email Sasha Pellerin Gardner memberships@fencing.ca and it will be recovered for you.

Please select the province for which you want to register:
1. British Columbia

2. Alberta

3. Saskatchewan

4. Manitoba

5. Ontario

6. Québec

7. New Brunswick

8. Nova Scotia

9. Newfoundland & Labrador

10. Prince Edward Island