Results: 2015 Cadet-Junior National Championships & Senior-Veteran-University-U15 Canada Cup 2

By admin December 1, 2015

GATINEAU – The Canadian Fending Federation, in partnership with the Masque de Fer Fencing Club, hosted to the 2015 Cadet-Junior National Championships and Senior-Veteran-University-U15 Canada Cup 2 from November 27-29.

Over 500 athletes from across Canada and the US challenged both body and mind at the Complexe Branchaud-Brière to determine who would earn their spot atop the medal podium.

The CFF would like to extend thanks the volunteers from Masque de Fer Fencing Club for their hard work and dedication in supporting this very successful event. Also providing tremendous support were event sponsors Absolute Fencing, Nike Team, the City of Gatineau and the Complexe Branchaud-Brière.  

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We look forward to our next event which is the May National Championships/Canada Cup, scheduled for May 21-23, 2016 at Collège Édouard-Montpetit in Longueuil, Quebec.  Please mark your calendars! Event details will be posted on the CFF website early in the new year.

The following are the results for the 2015 Cadet-Junior National Championships and Senior-Veteran-University-U15 Canada Cup 2. A complete listing can also be found here:


Cadet Men's Saber:
Gold: Francois Cauchon (UNA) – QC
Silver: Angelo Chiara (UNA) – QC
Bronze: Eric Vasas (MGB) – MB
Bronze: Hunter Moricz (NVF) – BC
Cadet Men’s Epee:
Gold: Nikola Damjanovic (VGO) – ON
Silver: Nicolas Riopel (SPA) – QC
Bronze: Alexander Zwegers (TFC) – ON
Bronze: David Gordnovsky (SWP) – ON
Cadet Women’s Foil:
Gold: Jane Caulfield (EFC) – AB
Silver: Karina Li (HHF) – ON
Bronze: Cynthia Liu (EFC) – AB
Bronze: Ying Cao (TFC) – ON
Cadet Men’s Foil:
Gold: Blake Broszus (UNA) – BC
Silver: Alex Cai (TFC) – ON
Bronze: Brandon Jalowica (CFA) – ON
Bronze: Daniel Li (TFC) – ON
Cadet Women’s Saber:
Gold: Marina Guintchitskaia (SSC) – AB
Silver: Kathy Hu (VGO) – ON
Bronze: Bai Xun You Liu (VGO) – ON
Bronze: Emily Ma (DYN) – BC
Cadet Women’s Epee:
Gold: Cindy Gao (VGO) – ON
Silver: Elizabeth Douglas (DYN) – BC
Bronze: Zi Shan (Shirley) Gao (VGO) – ON
Bronze: Shirley Wang (VGO) – ON


Junior Women’s Foil:
Gold: Jenny Zhao (OTT) – ON
Silver: Karina Li (HHF) – ON
Bronze: Zoe Loh (OTT) – ON
Bronze: Sarah Filby (MGB) – MB
Junior Women's Saber:
Gold: Madison Thurgood (SSC) – AB
Silver: Rachel Lamarre (SRN) – QC
Bronze: Veronique Lamarre (SRN) – QC
Bronze: Frederique Bourget (SRN) – QC
Junior Women’s Epee:
Gold: Cindy Gao (VGO) – ON
Silver: Monica Lubczynski (BRE) – QC
Bronze: Flavie Martineau (STH) – QC
Bronze: Alexanne Verret (STH) – QC
Junior Men’s Epee:
Gold: Loic Beaulieu (STH) – QC
Silver: Nikola Damjanovic (VGO) – ON
Bronze: Loup-Yann Ferre (STH) – QC
Bronze: Matson Lalor (DYN) – BC
Junior Men’s Foil:
Gold: Daniel Gu (EFC) – AB
Silver: Christopher Sheardown (AAA) – AB
Bronze: Emile Van Haaster (CRA) – QC
Bronze: Mateusz Kozak (TFC) – ON
Junior Men’s Saber:
Gold: Cameron MacKay (MGB) – MB
Silver: Jihad Kabbaj (BRE) – QC
Bronze: Marc Gélinas (SRN) – QC
Bronze: Jean-Atienne Beauchamp (BRE) – QC



Senior Men’s Foil:
Gold: Etienne Lalonde Turbide (GAD) – QC
Silver: Daniel Gu (EFC) – AB
Bronze: Pierre-Olivier Bontems (CRA) – QC
Bronze: Sean Grant (OTT) – ON 
Senior Women’s Epee:
Gold: Vanessa Lacas-Warrick (VGO) – ON
Silver: Shirley Wang (VGO) – ON  
Bronze: Leslie-Ann Gervais (VGO) – ON
Bronze: Louise Fournier (BRE) – QC
Senior Women’s Foil:
Gold: Alanna Goldie (UNA) – AB
Silver: Ying Cao (TFC) – ON
Bronze: Jane Caulfield (EFC) – AB
Bronze: Naomi Moindrot-Zilliox (OM) – QC
Senior Men’s Saber:
Gold: Joseph Polossifakis (BRE) – QC
Silver: Marc Gélinas (SRN) – QC
Bronze: Cameron MacKay (MGB) – MB
Bronze: Antoine Carruel (BRE) – QC
Senior Men’s Epee:
Gold: Vincent Pelletier (STH) – QC
Silver: Pascal Heidecker (MDF) – QC
Bronze: Farooq Habib (DYN) – BC
Bronze: Milosz Rowicki (BRE) – QC
Women’s Saber:
Gold: Gabriella Page (SRN) – QC
Silver: Rachelle Lamarre (SRN) – QC
Bronze: Alison Doyle (BSC) – ON
Bronze: Frederique Bourget (SRN) – QC
Senior Team Women’s Epee:
Gold: National Team (de Grasse, Hoppe Montanaro, Lacas-Warrick, Rogowicz) 
Silver: STH (Martineau, Mayer, Plante, Verret)
Bronze: Brebeuf (Fournier, Hogues, Lubczynski, Nikolaev)
Senior Team Men’s Foil:
Gold: Ottawa (Bermingham, Briar, Wagman)
Silver: Saskatchewan (Dula, Nazarali, Sosna, Yang)
Bronze: Alberta (Choi, Sheardown, St.George, Szadziuk)
Senior Team Women’s Foil:
Gold: Ottawa Fencing (Gervaise, Goldie, Prystupa-Maule, Xing)
Silver: Royal Military College (Anderson, McLean, St-Amand)
Senior Team Women’s Saber:
Gold: Gabriella Page (SRN) – QC
Silver: Rachel Lamarre (SRN) – QC
Bronze: Alison Doyle (BSC) – ON
Bronze: Frederique Bourget (SRN) – QC
Senior Team Men’s Epee:
Gold: Axis of Epee (Buckley, Gates, McDonell, Svidnytskiy)
Silver: Force Awakens (Schulz, Tatu, Wright, Wright)
Bronze: BRE 4M (Billon, Blais Belanger, Gerin-lajoie, Rowicki)


Veteran Women’s Foil:
Gold: Lin Xu (HHF) – ON
Silver: Amélie Gervaise (OTT) – ON
Bronze: Siobhan Moss (EMR) – QC
Bronze: Diane Caron (ESQ) – QC
Veteran Men’s Epee:
Gold: Darcy Gates (TFC) – ON
Silver: Mark Ballard (TFC) – ON
Bronze: Michael Buckley (TFC) – ON
Bronze: Alain Lefebvre (EMR) – QC
Veteran Mixed Foil:
Gold: Evgeny Bozhenko (TFC) – ON
Silver: Robert Sinclair (OTT) – ON
Bronze: Paul Warren (OTT) – ON
Bronze: Dominique Teisseire (OM) – QC
Veteran Women’s Epee:
Gold: Tanya Tygesen (TFC) – ON
Silver: Vera Belaoussoff (SWP) – ON
Bronze: Josée Bergeron (STH) – QC
Bronze: Kirsten Ball (CFA) – ON
Veteran Mixed Saber:
Gold: Kyle Foster (CFA) – ON
Silver: Genevieve Rosseel (MEC) – QC
Bronze: Vadim Reznikov (KAN) – ON
Bronze: Robert McFadden (LOY) – ON


University Men’s Epee:
Gold: Evan McDonnell (TRE) – ON
Silver: Connor Wilson (UWO) – ON
Bronze: Beston Leung (UTO) – ON
Bronze: Dani Mansour (RMC) – ON
University Men’s Saber:
Gold: Philip Pitura (UOR) – SK
Silver: William Kinney (UTO) – ON
Bronze: Ryan Tham (UTO) – ON
Bronze: Calum Wilson (UTO) – ON
University Men’s Foil:
Gold: Samuel Hardwicke-Brown (RYE) – AB
Silver: Keaton Josh Briar (OTT) – ON
Bronze: Philip McCully (OTT) – ON
Bronze: James Hotti (UTO) – ON
University Women’s Saber:
Gold: Julie Cho (RMC) – ON
Silver: Rebecca Jeffrey (UTO) – ON
Bronze: Van Loc (YRK) – ON
Bronze: Adolina Gawne (RMC) – ON
University Women’s Foil:
Gold: Aimee Schryer (UOS) – SK
Silver: Charlotte Mesurolle (UOM) – QC
Bronze: Chelsea St-Amand (RMC) – ON
Bronze: Belanna McLean (RMC) – ON
University Women’s Epee:
Gold: Valérie Hogues (BRE) – QC
Silver: Anne-Marie Dorval (CS-F) – QC
Bronze: Marilyne Plante (GL) – QC
Bronze: Kali Sayers (UCF) – AB


U-15 Women’s Epee:
Gold: Linda Liu (NYF) – ON
Silver: Kira Belaoussoff (SWP) – ON
Bronze: Anna Mucsi (SWP) – ON
Bronze: Laura Mykhalchenko (HBF) – ON
U-15 Men’s Foil:
Gold: Alvin Poon (TFC) – ON
Silver: Darren Dong (NYF) – ON
Bronze: Niklas Holland (SFO) – ON
Bronze: Guillaume Bégin (OM) – QC
U-15 Men’s Epee:
Gold: Matéo Kadyszewski (OM) – QC
Silver: Benedek Szabo (SWP) – ON
Bronze: Alexander Androsyuk (SWP) – ON
Bronze: David Gornovsky (SWP) – ON
U-15 Men’s Saber:
Gold: Andrew Wei (BRE) – QC
Silver: Xavier St-Cyr (BRE) – QC
Bronze: Vincent Jean (MEC) – QC
Bronze: Alex Sun (DYN) – BC
U-15 Women’s Foil:
Gold: Jessica Zi Jia Guo (HHF) – ON
Silver: Serena Fang (NYF) – ON
Bronze: Jingzhi Liang (HHF) – ON
Bronze: Tinney Mak (TFC) – ON
U-15 Women’s Saber:
Gold: Bai Xun You Liu (VGO) – ON
Silver: Zoe Wu (VGO) – ON
Bronze: Jaiqi Wu (BRE) – QC
Bronze: Anastasiya Smirnova (BRE) – QC