By Ambrosia Cantin January 28, 2019

The following are the medal results for the 2019 Canada Cup staged in Richmond, BC this past weekend. A complete results listing can be found here:

Thanks to our local hosts BCFA and Dynamo for a great event.  Thanks too for the support from Via Sport/Richmond Sport Hosting and CFF event sponsors, Nike and Absolute Fencing.

Information and registration for the CFF National Championships scheduled for May 17-20, 2019 in Quebec City  will be posted in the next few weeks.

Friday January 25th 

Junior Men’s Foil

1.Patrick Liu-  OTT, ON

2.Mateusz Kozak – TFC, ON

3T. Alex Cai-  OM, QC

3T. Brandon Jalowica- CFA, ON


Senior Men’s Epee

1. Fynn Fafard- DYN, BC

2.Ted Vinnitchouk- TFC, ON

3T. Vincent Pelletier-  EST, QC

3T. Junland (Howard) Zhao-  DYN, BC


Junior Men’s Saber

1.Andrew Wei,  BRE, QC

2.Nicholas Dinu-  MEC, QC

3T. Hunter Moricz-  NVF, BC

3T. Angelo Chiara- BRE, QC


Senior Women’s Foil

1.Ying Cao- TFC, ON

2.Annie Lin – TFC, ON

3T. Corinne Balot- TFC, ON

3T. Cynthia Liu-  OTT, ON


Vet 40 Mixed Foil

Livio Foianesi- MBR, MB

Ambrose Lee- TFC, ON

3T. James Sheardown- AAA, AB

3T. Coreen Sheardown- AAA, AB


Junior Men’s Foil – Team

1.Better Alpha

2.Alpha Command


Cadet Women’s Epee

1.Christina Zozulya- DYN, BC

2.Jiahe Ding- DYN, BC

3T. Ava Zheng- VGO, ON

3T. Grace Hu- VGO, ON


Cadet Women’s Saber

1. Jane Chen-  BRE, QC

2.Laurie-Ann Maothe- SPA, QC

3T. Sharon Huang- AXF, ON

3T. Wing Ka (Ariana) Tang- ANT, BC


U15- Men’s Epee

1.Yao Rong- DYN, BC

2.Zakhar Vozovik- DYN, BC

3T. Kyle Liu- DYN, BC

3T. Atilla Pacyna- MDF, QC


U15-Women’s Foil

1.Sabrina Fang- EFC, AB

2.Xiangxin He- HHF, ON

3T. Jessie Chen- NYF, ON

3T. Liliya Shu Xuan Song- HHF, ON


U23- Women’s Epee

Evelyn Zhang- VGO, ON

Tamara Booy- FAOC, AB

3T. Kirsten Van Marion- SKA,  SK

3T. Anne-Marie Dorval- STH, QC


U23- Women’s Saber

1.Judy Zhang- AXF, ON

2.Niamh Murphy- SLF, BC

3T. Julia Creusot- SKZ, SK

3T. Janna Elshakankiri- SKZ,  SK3


Saturday, January 26th

Junior Men’s Epee

1.Junlang (Howard) Zhao- DYN, BC

2.Mateo Kadyszewski- ON- , QC

3T. Ted Vinnitchouk- TFC, ON

3T. David Gornovsky- SWP, ON


Junior Women’s Foil

1.Ying Cao- TFC, ON

2.Sabrina Fang- EFC, AB

3T. Annie Lin- TFC, ON

3T. Cynthia Liu- OTT, ON


Cadet Men’s Saber

1.Nicholas Dinu- MEC, QC

2.Jack Yuziang Pan- DYN, BC

3T. Xavier Guay-Tardif- HES, QC

3T. Brendan He- AXF, ON


Senior Women’s Saber

1.Jia Qi Wu- BRE, QC

2. Jane Chen- BRE, QC

3T. Brynn Whelan- SKA, SK

3T. Bai Xun You Liu- AXF, ON


Junior Women’s Foil – Team

1.Team No Name – Fang, Sabatini, Song, Wang

2.VGO- Duma, Lin, Wang, Yang

3.Ooglie Booglie – Duma, Lin, Wang, Yang


U15- Women’s Epee

1. Jiahe Ding- DYN, BC

2.Lilla Mucsi- SWP, ON

3T. Ava Zheng- VGO, ON

3T. Janet Chen- DYN, BC


U15- Women’s Saber

1.Qianyi Yang- AXF, ON

2.Khloé Lessard-Kulchyski- MBR, MB

3T. Jacqueline Jiahui Chen- AXF, ON

3T. Sharon Huang- AXF, ON


Senior Women’s Epee

1.Shan (Shirley) Guo- VGO, ON

2.Ariane Leonard- OM-, QC

3T. Anne-Marie Dorval- STH, QC

3T. Christina Zozulya- DYN, BC


Junior Men’s Epee- Team

1.Team Quebec- Béique-Simmons, Brunet, Granger-Hotte, L’Esperance

2.New Team- Chynoweth, Davis, Weiss

3.Hopeless Cases- Chen, Katalinic, Wiseman


Cadet Men’s Foil

1.Patrick Liu- OTT, ON

2.Alvin Poon- TFC, ON

3T. Caden Lee- TFC, ON

3T. Nicholas Wu- HHF, ON


U23- Men’s Foil

1. Charles-Hugo Dubé – OM-, QC

2.Boris Bojanov- GDF, AB

3T. David Chen-Li- UTO, ON

3T. Christopher Sheardown- EFC, AB


U23-Men’s Saber

1. Falon Kennedy- MGB, MB

2.Simon Lussier- BRE, QC

3T.Ryan Xu- AXF, ON

3T. Philip Pitura- SKR, SK


Vet 40 Mixed Saber

1.Ling Liu- VGO, ON

2.Eden Koster – SCC, AB

3.Mike Krasnich- DYN, BC


Sunday, January 27th

U23- Men’s Epee

1.Jake McBreen- EPIC, AB

2.Colin Mccurdy- AJF, ON

3T. Thierry Chon- OM- , QC

3T. Riley Norman- DYN, BC


Senior Men’s Foil

1.Brandon Jalowica- CFA, ON

2.Charles-Hugo Dubé- OM-, QC

3T. Michael Qian- TFC, ON

3T. Brian Haocheng Li- UNA, ON


Junior Women’s Saber

1.Jia Qi WU- BRE, QC

2.Tamar Gordon- DYN, BC

3T. Jennifer Liu- DYN, BC

3T. Jane Chen- BRE, QC


Junior Women’s Epee

1.Ariane Leonard- OM-,  QC

2.Ella Havkin-  PRE, AB

3T. Tamara Boy- FAOC,  AB

3T. Christina Zozulya- DYN, BC


Junior Team Women’s Saber

1.Axis + 1 – Jacueline Jiahui Chen, Laurie- Ann Lamothe, Zoe Wu, Zhang Judy

2.New Team- Niamh Murphy, Whelan Brynn

3.Havercult0- Yilin Lu


Cadet Men’s Epee

1.Junlang (Howard) Zhao- DYN,  BC

2.David Gornovsky- SWP, ON

3T. Michael Yao- DYN, BC

3T. Zakhar Vozovik- DYN, BC


Cadet Women’s Foil

1.Sabrina Fang-  EFC, AB

2.Corinne Balot- TFC, ON

3T. Jessie Chen-  NYF, ON

3T. Isabella Ravenne Sabatini- TFC, ON


Senior Men’s Saber

1.Francois Cauchon- BRE, QC

2.Angelo Chiara- BRE, QC

3T. Andrew Wei- BRE, QC

3T. Marc Gelinas- SRN, QC


U15- Men’s Foil

1.Jason Wan- HHF, ON

2.Adam Wong- DYN,  BC

3T. Nicholas Wu- HHF, ON

3T. Alexander Wu-  HHF, ON


Junior Women’s Epee- Team

1.Team Wang- Booy, Lin, Xu, Zheng

2.Team Quebec – Milette, Poirier, Riopel

3.Vango 1 – Hu, Ning, Zheng


Vet 40 Women’s Epee

1.Genevieve Rosseel- ASC, SK

2.Gina Konschuh- APC, AB

3T. Coreen Sheardown- AAA, AB

3T. Sloan Sainas Frances- NVF, BC


Vet 40 Men’s  Epee

1.Michael Buckley- TFC, ON

2.Darcy Gates- TFC, ON

3T. Ambrose Lee- TFC, ON

3T. Trevor Shaw-  NVF, BC


U15- Men’s Saber

Jerry Pan- DYN, BC

Olivier Desrosiers- SRN, QC

3T. Timothy Lu- SS, AB

3T. Richard Yang- AXF, ON


Congratulation to all!