Sabre Grand Prix of Montreal

By Emily Hall January 13, 2020

DATE: 11 January 2020
Montreal, Canada – Montreal has welcomed the Sabre Grand Prix, an international competition for sabre athletes who are vying for qualifying positions at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. As the world’s top male and female sabre athletes have descended on Montreal this weekend, competition is certainly heating up.
RESULTS of DAY 1 (10 January) Men’s sabre pools & qualification table
Canadian fencers CHIARA, POLOSSIFAKIS, GORDON, ARFA, and CAUCHON advanced to the Table of 128 qualifiers. CAUCHON, GORDON and ARFA advanced to the Table of 96 qualifiers, but unfortunately found defeat. With 5 wins and only 1 defeat in the pools, POLOSSIFAKIS was exempted from qualifiers and has advanced to the elimination Table of 64, taking place on Day 2.SCHEDULE, DAY 2 (11 January)
9:00     Women’s sabre pools & qualification table
13:15   Men’s sabre elimination table of 64
18:00   Men’s quarter, semi-finals, and finals


  • DERSHWITZ Eli (USA) vs. LIN Xiao (CHN), 13:00 strip blue
  • SZILAGYI Aron (HUN) vs. LU Yang (CHN), 13:00 strip yellow
  • HARTUNG Max (GER) vs. CAVALIERE Dario (ITA), 14:45 strip yellow
  • CURATOLI Luca (ITA) vs. HONEYBONE James (GBR), 13:00 strip green
  • OH Sanguk (KOR) vs. THOMPSON Khalil (USA), 14:45 strip red
  • POLOSSIFAKIS Joseph (CAN) vs. TRUSHAKOV Alexander (RUS), 13:15 strip green
The women’s competition tomorrow will be intense with the presence of the world’s top 20 best sabre athletes among the 147 participants.The event is being held at the IGA Stadium, Montreal, and is open free to the public.