Senior National Team Program Coaches

By David Howes September 29, 2016

The CFF is pleased to announce that the following National Team Program Coaches have been confirmed until 2018:

Paul ApSimon – Women’s Foil

Julien Camu – Men’s Foil

Gilbert Gelinas – Women’s Sabre

Benjamin Manano – Men’s Sabre

David Howes – Women’s Epee

Victor Gantsevich – Men’s Epee

The National Team Program Coach is a recognized leader of a national team program and works under the guidance of the CFF High Performance Committee, and supported by the CFF High Performance Manager. The Coach establishes the annual competition schedule, the training camp schedule, and assists in the implementation of all national team programs that fall under their assigned weapon program.

While the National Team Program Coach may take on the role of the National Team Coach for the Senior Program, the Coach must also be able to bring together coaches through the creation of a “Coaching Team” to work towards the common goal of implementing the weapon’s program and sustaining it from Cadet through to Senior High Performance.

Paul ApSimon, Victor Gantsevich, Gilbert Gelinas, David Howes and Benjamin Manano all have experience in this role in the last quadrennial. In addition, ApSimon, Howes and Manano all guided athletes through Olympic Qualification for Rio. All will be reaching out to the community to establish national team project coaches for Cadet, Junior and select Senior events.

Julien Camu is a newcomer to the program. He is currently based in France but is working on relocating to Canada over the next year. Camu has worked with the National Team Coach for Men’s Foil in France and has coached athletes from various countries in preparation for the Rio Olympic Games.   As he will be based in Europe for the first season, he will be able to attend a number of National Team project events to familiarize himself with our athletes and personal coaches, as well as arrange training camps.

We had a strong field of qualified applicants and we thank everyone who took the time to apply. We look forward to building on our positive results from Rio as we prepare for even greater results in Tokyo 2020.