Top 16 for Women’s Epee Fencer Leonora MacKinnon in Dubai World Cup

By David Howes May 7, 2018

Rio Olympian Leonora MacKinnon (Canadian living in the UK) finished top 16 at the Women’s Epee World Cup in Dubai this past weekend, a personal best in World Cup competition and at an event that featured 190 fencers.

MacKinnon had a strong competition, winning all six of her bouts in poules to advance directly to the 64’s. There she faced Marie Florence Candassamy from France and won 13-7.  Her next bout was against Barbara Rutz from Poland in the 32’s with MacKinnon winning a close 10-9 to advance to the top 16’s.  Her first loss of the day occurred against Violetta Kobbova from Russia, by a score of 15-12.  Kobbova went on to win a bronze medal in the event.

MacKinnon finished the competition in 12th place overall.

The Women’s Epee team of Leonora MacKinnon, Malinka Hoppe-Montanaro (Montreal, QC) and Alexanne Verret (Quebec, Quebec) competed on Sunday and finished in 17th place after losing a close bout to Kazakhstan 45-41.