U15-Cadet-Junior Canada Cup / Senior-Veterans National Championships

By admin May 13, 2015

U15-Cadet-Junior Canada Cup / Senior-Veterans National Championships
Richmond Olympic Oval, Richmond, BC

The countdown to the our Richmond Canada Cup/National Championships is down to a few days. We've updated the registration lists on the website, please review this list and let us know should there be any omissions or errors in club affiliations.


Participants will have until the close of registration to make corrections to club affiliations, no changes will be allowed thereafter. Final ranked lists will be posted by May 14th on www.fencing.ca

Mobile Alerts

At the Senior/Veteran National Championships, Canada Cup Cadet/Junior/U15 Event, we are providing a free Mobile Alert service. This service will allow us to keep you better informed about timing, activities and more. Texts are free to receive if you have a text messaging option on your cell phone plan. Please share this with your teammates.

To subscribe for text messaging or to find out more, please click this link:  http://www.sportssms.ca/Register/rgSportsReg.aspx?SrtSMS=30ef2013

On Site Food Options

The Richmond Olympic Oval is an amazing facility but it presently has very limited food options. Athletes and parents are encouraged to plan for their dietary needs accordingly.

Leon Paul Contour-Fit Masks

Athletes who own Leon Paul Contour-Fit masks should conform to the new FIE rules requiring 2 safety systems on mask commencing from September the 1st 2014. Contour-Fit masks without 2 safety systems will be rejected.

Medal Presentation and Ceremonies

Medal presentation times will be posted at the venue during the day of competitions. Athletes receiving awards are asked to be near the podium and dressed in appropriate warmup/walk out gear.

Hotel to venue directions:

For those participants staying at our host hotel group please find walking instructions to the venue.


Please feel free to reach out should you have questions or concerns. Many of us are traveling over the next couple of days and our responses may be delayed.

On behalf of the CFF staff, officials and volunteers we look forward to seeing you in Richmond.