Welcome to the new CFF Website!

By admin July 28, 2016

The CFF is pleased to welcome you to its new website.  With the start of the new quadrennial and the launch of its new membership system through GOALLINE, the CFF website needed a fresh look and new website management tools.    Thanks to the Bytown Group who have worked hard to complete the new site in time for the new registration season!

The CFF thanks Finger Foods for all of their IT support the past four years.  Finger Foods will remain a valued partner of the CFF moving forward but will focus its support in other areas, with further announcements to come.

 CFF is also pleased to announce that its new membership registration system through GOALLINE will be launched August 2, 2016 in time for the start of the new registration season. Members will be able to access the link to login to register through the CFF site as of August 2nd, 2016 for the 2016-17 fencing season.  PSO websites will also have the link to register.

GOALLINE has a host of added features and services for members that will be added once the main registration system is launched.

Please visit our new store, with direct links to “CanadasLockerRoom.com” for Nike Team fencing shoes (and other merchandise to be added), or to the CFF’s own store for pins, patches and other such items.