World Veterans Fencing Championships 2013, Varna, Bulgaria

By admin September 6, 2013

The Veterans Division of the Canadian Fencing Federation
is pleased to announce the Team representing Canada at the World
Epee Men 50+ Kerry Anderson, Carlo Giuliani, Franck Fournier, Dan Tatu
Epee Men 60+ Mark Ballard
Epee Men 70+ Howard Simmons, Bak Tau
Foil Men 50+ Carlo Giuliani, Franck Fournier, Paul Warren
Foil Men 60+ Mark Ballard, Rob McLean
Foil Men 70+ Gaby Weisz

Sabre Men 50+ Mike Krasnich
Sabre Men 60+ Bob Rennick
Epee Women 50+ Sylvie Guichaoua