Weapon: Epee
Hand: Right-handed
Born: Montréal, Qc
Residence: Québec, QC
Club: DYN

You may have met her in Québec City as a plucky teenager, or in Columbus as a dedicated student-athlete, or even in the city of Vancouver she is currently home, but Alexanne Verret’s story starts somewhere else entirely. Born in Montreal to parents Bernard and Marie-Claude Verret in 1998, it wasn’t until the move to Québec City in her early childhood that Alexanne would come across the sport that would one day shape her life. It was an after-school activity that first introduced both Alexanne and older brother Jean-Sébastien to fencing, and to her first real coach, Charles St-Hilaire. With both her parents having actively participated in sports, it was natural for them to encourage their children to do the same, and within a few years Alexanne, along with both her brother and younger sister Éloise were finding success. In fact, her fondest fencing memory is of an event where a 13-year old Alexanne won her event while both her siblings won their age categories as well.

Thanks to her personal motivation to always improve and the support of her family, and later Sport Canada, Alexanne was able to pursue and excel in the sport, eventually getting recruited to the prestigious Ohio State University as a varsity athlete. There, she continued her training while getting degrees in Accounting and Business Administration, which she completed in 2021. Returning to Canada after this adventure, Alexanne eventually found her new home while rekindling with old coach St-Hilaire at the Dynamo Fencing Club in Vancouver, where she currently trains twice a day, six days a week. With this new regimen, and with one of her fencing idols, Sherraine Schalm, coming back into the fold of Canadian fencing, 2022 was a breakout year for Alexanne. Starting with a 13th place at the Barcelona World Cup, Alexanne finished the first half of the season with a bronze medal at the Vancouver World Cup. When the time comes, she will truly deserve the break at her favourite place in the world, Petit Lac Lambton, where her parents own a lake house.