Canada Cup #1 Preliminary Schedule

By CFF August 28, 2023

Registration for the competition will be available later this week if your province’s membership registration is available.

  Friday / Vendredi

13 October

Saturday / Samedi

14 October

Sunday / Dimanche

15 October

AM Senior Men’s Foil

Fleuret masculin senior

Senior Men’s Epee

Epée masculine senior

Junior Men’s Epee

Epée masculine junior

AM Junior Women’s Epee

Epée féminine junior

Junior Men’s Foil

Fleuret masculin junior

Junior Women’s Foil

Fleuret féminin junior

AM Senior Women’s Sabre

Sabre féminin senior

Junior Women’s Sabre

Sabre féminin junior

Senior Men’s Sabre

Sabre masculin senior

PM Cadet Men’s Epee

Epée masculine cadet

Cadet Women’s Epee

Epée féminine cadet

Senior Women’s Epee

Epée féminine senior

PM Cadet Women’s Foil

Fleuret féminin cadet

Senior Women’s Foil

Fleuret féminin senior

Cadet Men’s Foil

Fleuret masculin junior

PM Junior Men’s Sabre

Sabre masculin junior

Cadet Men’s Sabre

Sabre masculin cadet

Cadet Women’s Sabre

Sabre féminin cadet