Community update – follow-up

By CFF February 28, 2023

Tuesday February 28, 2023

As a follow-up to our Community Update issued on February 24, we wish to express our significant concerns with the unsanctioned releasing of a confidential investigation report naming individuals, including the complainants, one of which was a minor at the time of the event.

Following the publication of a blog post mentioned in our previous communication, the Canadian Fencing Federation (CFF) was contacted by people deeply concerned about the rights of complainants to privacy, seeking to understand how a confidential report could be shared publicly. The complainants did not grant their permission to have this report shared and some are feeling further harmed as a result. They have asked the CFF to review this matter and to request that the author of the blog who published the confidential report remove the link immediately.

We are deeply disturbed that this confidential report has been posted on the internet, as this violates the confidentiality of the process, further harms the individuals involved, and does not send a message to other complainants that they can trust the process. We are fully committed to ensure a safe environment for all participants and this includes ensuring that complaints are managed fairly and in accordance with our policies and procedures. Releasing private and confidential information violates the integrity of the process and can subject complainants to retaliation and further harm. It also dissuades people from coming forward with concerns and complaints.

With this unauthorized releasing of the names of complainants, we feel compelled to reiterate that any retaliation against complainants or witnesses who participated in any investigation is against our code of conduct and commitment to safe sport and will be addressed immediately.

We remind our community that anybody with a safe sport concern or questions can access the Abuse free helpline for advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed or intervene appropriately in the circumstances: 1-888-837-7678 – –

In addition, any complaint should be directed to our safe sport independent third party, W&W dispute resolution services at

For further information, please contact:

Yann Bernard
Canadian Fencing Federation