January Canada Cup – preliminary schedule of events

By CFF November 6, 2023

January Canada Cup – preliminary schedule of events


The preliminary schedule only shows events by day. Times will only be confirmed after close of registration when there is accurate information on participation numbers for this competition.

Please note that the order of events in the list does NOT indicate time of day OR the order in which events start.

No assumptions should be made for travel plans based on this list.

For planning your participation in this competition, the intention is for events to run between 8am and 7pm each day, but this is not guaranteed and is subject to change based on actual registrations.

Friday/Vendredi  19 Jan Saturday/Samedi 20 Jan Sunday/Dimanche 21 Jan
EM/ME junior EM/ME senior FM/MF senior
SF/WS junior FF/WF cadet SF/WS cadet
FM/MF cadet SM/MS cadet EF/WE senior
SM/MS senior FM/MF junior SM/MS junior
FF/WF senior SF/WS senior FF/WF junior
EM/ME veteran EF/WE junior EM/ME cadet
EF/WE veteran FM/MF veteran SM/MS veteran
EF/WE cadet FF/WF veteran SF/WS veteran