New CFF Board of Directors and Message from the President

By CFF August 24, 2020

At the AGM held August 23, 2020, the following individuals were elected to the CFF board of directors:
Yann Bernard (President)
Dmitry Balashov (re-elected to the board)
John French (re-elected to the board)
Christopher Kalantzis (elected to the board)
Luc Thériault (elected to the board)

They join Lucie Hamelin and Kelly Grieves, who remain on the board.

Message from the President

Dear friends of the great Canadian fencing family,

It is with great pleasure that I accepted this Sunday the position of president of our federation.

It will be an honour to lead our team of competent and dedicated professionals and volunteers through the great achievements on the horizon, particularly at the next Olympic and Paralympic Games, but also in the development of this sport, which is our passion, and in the implementation of measures to ensure a safe sporting environment for all. Of course, there will be issues and challenges, some of which we are already aware of, but I am convinced that the seasoned team in place is the best possible one to ensure the sustainability of our sport and its growth.

I would like to thank all the provincial leaders for the confidence they have shown in me by doing me this honour and I invite you all to contact me for any question you feel deserves the attention of your federation.

Yours sincerely,

Yann Bernard