New Safe Sport Policy Manual

By CFF March 23, 2021

The CFF Board of Directors has approved a new Safe Sport Policy Manual. The policies found in this manual will replace a number of existing policies as follows:

(A) Policy Repealed (B) Effective Date of the Policy Repealed (C) Replaced By (New Policy – Portion of the Safe Sport Manual) (D) Effective Date of the New Policy
Ad-Hoc Discipline Committee No Date Stated Event Discipline Policy 21-Mar-21
Appeals Policy 23-Aug-18 Appeals Policy 21-Mar-21
Code of Conduct 23-Aug-18 Code of Conduct and Ethics 21-Mar-21
Discrimination and Harassment 23-Aug-18 Code of Conduct and Ethics 21-Mar-21
Dispute Resolution 23-Aug-18 Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy 21-Mar-21


All CFF members are reminded that any suspected abuse should be reported to the CFF’s Independent Safe Sport Official, Brian Ward at